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Get a new iPhone every year with the iStore Card

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that people love iPhones. And there’s only one thing better than an iPhone. A new one.

Over the years we’ve seen a trend where a new iPhone gets introduced every year.

But, contracts offered for handsets from providers span two years, and we know how frustrating it is when you have to wait to get your hands on something you want.

And we know how nationwide FOMO sets it when the latest iPhone is being paraded around by other people whose contracts have luckily coincided with the time of the new product launch.

Fortunately, with iStore Card, you can now get the latest iPhone every year through a monthly payment plan separate from your cellular network.

To get a new iPhone:

Apply for iStore Card here.

Once you have it, walk into any iStore, and take out a 24-month payment plan for your brand-new iPhone

Get your SIM-only contract separately on any network, or use prepaid voice & data, and enjoy

Come back in a year and trade in your old iPhone and trade up to the latest one, or at least have the freedom to choose what you want when you want it.

Below are some monthly payment plan examples:

On a 24-month payment plan Cost per month
iPhone SE R389
iPhone 6 R559
iPhone 6 Plus R652
iPhone 6s R652
iPhone 6s Plus R745

Monthly payment plans are available across all iPhone models, see for more.

Trade-in cash-back options Cash back
iPhone 6s Plus R8 000
iPhone 6s R7 000
iPhone 6 Plus R6 000
iPhone 6 R5 500
iPhone 5s R3 300
iPhone 5c R2 000

Terms and conditions apply. Cash-back will depend on the condition of the device. See for more.

iStore Card qualifying criteria:

  • 18 years and older
  • R4 000 minimum salary
  • South African citizen

For a full set of terms and conditions, please click here:

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Get a new iPhone every year with the iStore Card