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As misconceptions about cloud services evaporate, Euphoria Telecom emerges

As “cloud” is becoming a more frequently understood concept, many businesses are seeing the endless benefits that cloud services and cloud infrastructure can offer their businesses – in the short and long term.

Euphoria Telecom is a perfect example of how businesses are benefiting from automated operational efficiency, activity tracking, complete control of the business phone service and significant cost savings.

Cloud business services have brought about a fundamental shift in the way businesses are conducting themselves.

There are improvements in processes, reporting accuracy, analytics, business intelligence, storage and elimination of expensive on-site IT equipment.

Moving to the cloud has empowered business owners and managers to understand how technology underpins their business operations and where certain outdated technologies are no longer adding value.

“This is the case for over one thousand (1000) Euphoria business customers” says George Golding, CEO of Euphoria Telecom.

The shift from antiquated business telephone services to a more powerful and easy to use cloud based business telephone system, on a month to month contract has had positive, lasting effects for our customers, including;

  • 4 listed companies; Net1 Applied Technologies, Allianz, Vunani Capital
  • Large private companies; Steyn City, Vumatel, Galaxy & Co, Famous Brands
  • Over 1000 SME businesses; Solar Xgen, Barnyard Theatres, SA Florist
  • Over 50 call centres with local and international target markets

“There has been a misconception around IT for decades, where business owners and managers believed that in order for IT services to be valuable, they must be expensive, complex and difficult to use. This is simply not true. The further we explore cloud technology, the simpler technology is to use for anyone in business.

“By removing misconceptions and simplifying IT, people in business realise that it does not need to be complicated or overly expensive to add significant value to their business,” says Conrad de Wet, CTO of Euphoria Telecom.

Euphoria was designed with simplicity in mind and understands that customers are not necessarily IT experts, we do not expect them to be.

With basic technical knowhow, everything in the Euphoria Telecom system is manageable and easy to use.

From configuring a queue, loading a new voice message, adjusting your business hours, analysing call costs or viewing productivity reports.

This is all done from a web browser via the Euphoria Telecom online telephone management system.

  • No more scrutinising telephone bills to pinpoint high usage or telephone abuse.
  • No more on-site backups required to store and access call detail records and call recordings.
  • No additional complex hardware setups when your business is ready to grow.
  • No more long term contracts and high call out fees for specialist technicians to make minor, simple configurations to your system.

Business phone systems are not going to be replaced any time soon, they are an essential tool for businesses, anywhere in the world.

The Euphoria Telecom support team is recognized by customers as the most efficient and reliable support team of all their IT service providers.

Euphoria Telecom ensures our customer queries are captured within minutes, and the team never keeps customers waiting. providing clear, consistent communication with our clients every step of the way.

The Euphoria Telecom support team alone is one reason to adopt a Euphoria business telephone system – but the product itself is where your business will truly find value.

If you are in the market for a business telephone system, explore the Euphoria system before making any decisions, you will be glad you did.

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As misconceptions about cloud services evaporate, Euphoria Telecom emerges