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Xerox Easy Translator makes translating documents easy

Xerox Easy Translator is proving to be a very valuable tool for businesses that have the need to translate documents.

Xerox Easy Translator is the industry’s first cloud-enabled language translation solution integrated via a web portal across Xerox devices.

Xerox Easy Translator offers comprehensive language translation services – from instant machine translation of hardcopy documents to professional human translation services for digital files.

“Unlike your typical translation agency or translation company, we offer quick and easy access to online translation services available 24/7 at no extra charge,” the company said.

The translator service from Google offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Instant machine language translations from MFP, phone or PC
  • Easily translate and localize over 35 languages, including French, German, Lithuanian, Japanese, and Hmong Daw
  • Output available in over 20 file formats, including paper, JPG, MS Office, and PDF
  • World-class OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Human translation is available for the ultimate in quality and speed

To translate a document is very easy. Insert the original document, select the language you want to translate it into, hit the translate button, and wait for the machine to print out the translation.

For more information about the Xerox Easy Translator, visit

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Xerox Easy Translator makes translating documents easy