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Software developers racing to Crack the SMSPortal Code and win

The race is on as South Africa’s software developers have the next 4 weeks to attempt to solve the weekly “Crack the Code” competition.

The weekly winner will be walking away with R5,000 in cash for just 15 minutes of their time.

Initiated by leading software development house SMSPortal, the challenge seeks to create interest in coding as a fulfilling career for South Africa’s brightest.

“Developers are the new inventors. However, instead of tinkering with nuts and bolts in backyard garages, coders tinker with bits and bytes in coffee shops and corporate office parks.

“The biggest companies in the world exist because of coders who create something new. This alone proves that coders are a valuable national asset,” said James Pearce, SMSPortal IT Director.

Coding is already contributing to a better South Africa with the recent launch of a programme to teach at-risk youth and ex-offenders to code.

Coding refers to the primary work activity of the talented software developers who build the mobile applications that enrich and improve our lives.

SMSPortal Crack the Code
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SMSPortal’s national “Crack the Code” competition is open to anyone. To enter follow this simple process:

  1. Traverse the tree to discover the formula, then solve the formula to find the ShortCode number.
  2. SMS your name to the ShortCode number in order to receive the URL link to the 15min coding test.
  3. Score the highest on the coding test and win yourself R5000 in cash.

“Coders have a 24-hour window in which to take the test, and it should take the best of the best under 8 minutes.

“However, with great effort comes great reward, and we’ve set the prize purse for the competition at a quick R5,000 per week,” explains Mr Pearce.

The first round commences on Tuesday 7 June at 09:00am, and you have until the next morning at 08:59am to enter.

The winners of each round will be announced the following week.

“You’ll need some next-level coding skills if you’re wanting to take home the weekly cash prize. Let the games begin…,” concluded Mr Pearce.

For more information visit:!competitions

This article was published in partnership with SMSPortal.

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Software developers racing to Crack the SMSPortal Code and win