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What it’s like to be a developer at redPanda Software

The expanding team of experienced core java developers at redPanda Software are enjoying both career growth and personal fulfillment.

The Cape Town-based company is an expert in the end-to-end development and support of customised applications aimed at streamlining business processes and operations.

But what sets redPanda apart is its management approach and staff culture, which allows the company to retain staff over the long term.

“At redPanda, we aim to engage both the mind and the heart of our developers,” says redPanda Software CEO Gareth Hawkey.

This is achieved by allowing developers to not merely contribute at an architectural level, but also meet together at a team level in order to appreciate the full process.

“We also offer events where all teams can get together socially and connect in a relaxed setting, so that they aren’t only working from a technical point of view,” Hawkey adds.

The company culture at redPanda is built on two fundamental cornerstones – career growth and personal fulfillment.

In terms of career growth, redPanda promotes from within and pushes developers to grow while giving them the best tools to achieve their goals.

“Personal involvement focuses on our understanding that you need to enjoy your working environment,” Hawkey says.

“We know people want to enjoy coming to work, have good personal interactions, so achieving this is a core part of our long-term view of retaining customers and staff.

“We aim to give customers great quality, but to achieve this, we need a long-term view of the staff that will be interacting with that customer, so we want our developers to have a fulfilling career.”

Hawkey calls this the ‘magic ingredient’.

“There are many companies out there that will focus on technology only, but we try to engage the developer’s mind.

“At redPanda, we have a culture where people are always trying to improve, questioning the processes and the architecture, learning and growing.”

For more information, and to apply for developer roles in Cape Town, visit the official redPanda Software website.

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What it’s like to be a developer at redPanda Software