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SMSPortal’s competition off to a flying start – Crack the Code to win R5,000

Week 1 of Crack the Code has started off with a bang as developers from around the country raced to complete the challenge set out by the SMSPortal team.

It began with a tree traversal, solving a formula and then finally completing a 15min coding test.

“The objective of this competition is to highlight the importance of software development in South Africa, and obviously reward the coding speedsters in the process,” said James Pearce, SMSPortal IT Director.

South Africa’s software industry is expected to see an 11.6% increase in enterprise applications software spending to R11.2 billion by 2017, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Gartner’s research indicates that South Africa ranks among the world’s top 30 countries for software development.

“The demand for good software developers in South Africa is growing daily and we think it is paramount that this is a well-known fact when the youth are choosing their prospective career paths,” Pearce adds.

The winner of week 1 of the competition is Gerhard Willemse, a Software Engineer with over 3 years’ experience in the industry.

SMSPortal congratulates Week 1 winner Gerhard Willemse
SMSPortal congratulates Week 1 winner Gerhard Willemse

“I entered the competition because a friend referred me to it, and I thought it was worth a try,” Willemse said.

He added that SMSPortal’s Crack the Code made him “think about it a bit,” but he managed to ace it in the end.

“The competition was a good way to refresh me on tree data structures a bit, and I got paid R5,000 for it. Double score!” said Willemse.

When asked for his thoughts on the importance of Software Developers in South Africa, he argued that Software Developers are becoming increasingly important.

“As the technological landscape improves in South Africa, they are key to supporting the growing demand of technological innovation and development.”

His advice for anyone wanting to be a top coder includes, “Work hard, never stop learning, and you will reap the benefits.”

Week 2 of SMSPortal’s Crack the Code kicks off tomorrow with another R5,000 up for grabs.

For more information on software development careers visit:!careers

Check in tomorrow for Week 2 of the competition:!competitions

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SMSPortal’s competition off to a flying start – Crack the Code to win R5,000