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Teleforge cuts communication costs to the bone with its “Super Price Alternative”

Teleforge Communications, a company providing a range of solutions to debt collection companies, including call centre solutions, said it has decided to embark on a new price war, reducing communications costs for customers drastically.

Due to Teleforge’s number of call centres and corporate businesses the company can now negotiate bulk rates on all services and pass that saving on directly to its customers. These savings will directly benefit the customer’s pocket by cutting their current bill in half.

Previous rates were anything from 65c to R1.15 but Teleforge is now offering rates as little as 25c per minute to Vodacom and MTN customers and 13c per SMS versus the usual 25c – or even 35c. These savings, combined, means savings of up to 80% are now possible.

Andrew van Niekerk, MD of Teleforge, said these services are only available to VoIP- based call centres and/or businesses that have dedicated connectivity e.g. fibre, Diginet, metro Ethernet and Microwave – as well as having SIP capable hardware e.g. Samsung, Opticon, Asterisk etc. ADSL and wireless linkages do not qualify.

“Teleforge recently started moving the focus away from minutes, focusing on services that add value to the entire business process flow, instead of just telephony. Telephony is now just a value add for the company. The main focus has shifted to CRM, ERP and workflow systems for sales, security, insurance and financial call centres. This means voice and SMS is now seen as a commodity.”

Teleforge has partnered up with Bytes People Solutions and Neotel so that those companies can act as channel partners to sell Teleforge’s services.

Teleforge now also uses Neotel, a tier 1 carrier- and the second national operator- as its primary upstream partner.

Through these partnerships Teleforge now has access to markets in over 25 countries including the SADC region, Europe, the UK, the USA and the rest of Africa.

There are no minimum commitments but all voice minutes and SMS will be provided via a prepaid system with balances that never expire.

This article was published in partnership with Teleforge Communications.

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Teleforge cuts communication costs to the bone with its “Super Price Alternative”