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Meet Accelerit Technologies – your one stop shop for connectivity

Accelerit Technologies prides itself in its ability to be the one stop shop for business and home networking needs.

The provider of low cost prepaid Wi-Fi solutions for multitenant buildings has aligned with MetroFibre Networx to offer FTTH (Fibre to the Home) and FTTB (Fibre to the Business) services on their open access network.

“In Johannesburg CBD, Braamfontein, Sunnyside and Hatfield we already provide and manage low-cost prepaid Wi-Fi services to a massive student audience and they love the product. In Midrand and Sandton we offer a more premium FiberWireless product to our data hungry subscribers with a lot more connected devices in their households,” said Mandla Ngcobo, Founder of Accelerit.

“There is no fussy sign up process. Landlords are happy they don’t have to deal with Wi-Fi management over and above their core business.”

Accelerit has helped a number of clients with bespoke solutions to cater for their specific individual needs.

“No opportunity is too small for us. If there is a way for us to help you, then we will put a solution on your table,” Ngcobo added.

“We’ve invested heavily into ensuring a stable and adaptable platform for our users and we are not about to stop.”

Accelerit Technologies partnered with Greyhound to provide Wi-Fi in Motion on all Greyhound Dreamliner coaches in 2013 as a proof of concept.

Another client asked Accelerit to provide ongoing IT support to them post implementation of their fibre link, VoIP and remote CCTV monitoring solution.

Accelerit was able to come to an arrangement at a nominal additional monthly fee.

“They now get live CCTV footage on their cellphones and we take care of their other IT needs. We are the IT guy next door best at offering solutions – not components,” Ngcobo said.

Regarding the FTTH and FTTB offering on MetroFibre’s open access network, Accelerit is able to get clients up and running in less than 24 business hours on the covered FTTH estates, and businesses can be activated within weeks often taking less than 3 weeks for FTTB.

“We have very skilled team that’s eager to get you online at the speed of light, we don’t shape and we don’t throttle,” said Lubabalo Qoto, Accelerit Technology Director.

Accelerit’s pricing for FTTH on MetroFibre’s Open Access Network 10:1 contended links is as follows:

Package Home Uncapped 10 Home Uncapped 25 Home Uncapped 50 Home Uncapped 100
 Link Speed  10mbps  25mbps  50mbps 100mbps
 Monthly Prepaid Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
  Monthly fee  R578  R698  R858  R1298

A once-off installation fee of R499.00 is payable with all home packages.

FTTB packages are offered on our 5:1 contended links business clients in data demanding environments. Pricing is as follows:

Package Business Uncapped 10 Business Uncapped 25 Business Uncapped 50 Business Uncapped 100
 Link Speed  10mbps 25mbps  50mbps  100mbps
Agreement term 12 months  12 months  12 months  12 months
 Monthly fee (Excl. vat)
 R2200  R3500  R5500  R8800

A once-off installation fee of R3999.00 is payable with all business packages.

“If your estate / complex is not on MetroFibre do not worry, Simply send us written interest from your body corporate and before you know it you will have a proposal on your table,” Ngcobo added.

“It’s that simple. We might even trench fibre straight to you if that’s feasible.”

Accelerit also provides licenced and unlicensed Microwave links to reach those in the outlying areas albeit on a different pricing structure.

How to contact Accelerit?

For FTTX you can apply for your package today at

Or for any other queries please email us at [email protected].

This article was published in partnership with Accelerit Technologies.

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Meet Accelerit Technologies – your one stop shop for connectivity