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Distribution deal with CIMA opens new doors for Bytes Managed Solutions

With renewed focus on business and process optimisation, clients are looking for a complete solution to address their cash challenges, so it is essential that solution providers are able to offer a wide range of products, solutions and services that will meet these needs across the assisted and self-service spectrum.

With this in mind, Bytes Managed Solutions (Bytes MS), part of the Altron group of companies, signed an agreement with CIMA, a supplier of cash management products and solutions based in Italy, in 2015, giving the organisation distribution rights for CIMA products within Southern Africa.

This allows Bytes MS to move into new segments of the petroleum, retail, hospitality and financial markets by offering assisted products in addition to the current self-service products being offered through NCR.

This move into the assisted cash handling environment is a great growth opportunity and will offer increased opportunity for revenue and service solutions.

CIMA specialises in front office cash handling in the banking sector and back office cash handling in the retail, hospitality and fuel retail environment.

Cash processing solutions include authenticity and fitness recognition, cash counting, storing, securing and recycling, as well as cash in transit preparation.

CIMA prides itself on innovation and industry leading solutions for cash management and at least 30% of its staff are focused on R&D.

This results in solutions that are developed and engineered completely in-house. With more than 25 000 installations worldwide, the modular systems of the solutions set allow flexibility of configuration.

Jose Simoes, LOB Financial Lead, had this to say about the CIMA solution set after a recent visit to their headqaurters: “It was valuable to see the products offered by CIMA being used by their clients and really delve into how this agreement will enable us to expand on our services and solutions offering, giving our customers even greater choice than ever before. These are definitely exciting times!”

CIMA Fast Facts

  • Founded in 1955
  • Origins were in cash security and anti-robbery booths
  • Business has grown through the development of cash handling devices
  • Headquarters in Mirandola, Italy
  • Offer solutions that speak Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Turkish, Swedish and Finnish
  • Installations in Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Australasia

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Distribution deal with CIMA opens new doors for Bytes Managed Solutions