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Stop the spread of Airportitis!


A condition brought on by frequent and unnecessary business air travel.

Symptoms include: Brutally-early wake-ups, economy-seat-induced cramping and personal space invasion, partial deafening due to screaming babies and appetite loss due to sad-looking meals served with even sadder looking cutlery.

Known to spread quickly in bustling business environments.

The cure?

Yealink Video Conferencing Solution

Yealink’s one-stop Video Conferencing Solution.

More and more business people are trading in the red-eye for virtual meeting environments.

The sharp quality of Yealink’s one-stop Video Conferencing Solutions provides a truly immersive experience at the touch of a button.

Users are achieving greater collaboration over distance, increasing the speed of decision-making and saving time and money by just staying put.

Concerned about complicated equipment setups? Don’t be.

Plug-and-play simplicity makes Installing Yealink’s one-stop Video Conferencing Solutions quick and fuss-free.

And thanks to Yealink’s unique industry-intelligent firewall, there isn’t even a need for firewall configuration. Bonus!

This nifty solution provides high-quality video even under fluctuating network conditions.

HDD 1080p video only requires one megabit of bandwidth and contains a soft client, which enables you to dial in from wherever you are on your PC or smartphone, using a wifi, 3G or 4G network.

One-button USB recording function allows you to easily review and share important conferencing documents and there are no extra charges for advanced features for software.

There’s no need for squishing up either. Systems are available for all-sized meeting rooms and video phones are available for desktop video if you don’t even fancy walking that far.

Can’t make it to the office? No problem. VC Softclient software is available for mobile video.

There’s simply no reason to suffer from Airportitis!

Visit to find the right remedy for you.

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Stop the spread of Airportitis!