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Flexible, affordable and reliable wireless Internet from RSAWEB

Seamless connectivity at the office, on the road and at other off-site locations is essential to any business.

After all, it’s this always-on communication that keeps employees informed, and customer’s up-to-date, which is why RSAWEB offers Mobile Broadband, ideal for small businesses and individuals and Mobile Data, the perfect tool to keep your workforce and their multitude of SIMs and their connected costs in line.

Since launching its Mobile Data product, RSAWEB has received feedback on some rather innovative applications.

As expected, businesses were using Mobile Data to keep staff, for example sales executives, connected while travelling, but soon companies started getting creative.

Taxi companies began installing MiFi devices (powered by the frontloader USB or lighter connection) in their cabs as a value-add for their passengers.

And more and more vendors, typically coffee shops and electronics stores, began to move away from traditional cash registers, opting to use iPads for recording transactions and sending receipts via email to customers.

There are a number of ways to benefit from Mobile Broadband and Mobile Data – from adapting packages to suit you and your business’ needs to capping and tracking employee usage in order to plan ahead more effectively.

RSAWEB’s Mobile Broadband offers the following benefits:

  1. Flexibility and affordability – Depending on your personal or small business’ requirements, you can choose from 1GB to 20GB of data, and opt for month-to-month billing or save with an annual package paid for upfront. You can upgrade or downgrade depending on usage.
  2. Save on landline and connection fees – All you need to purchase is the nifty MiFi device, which offers a more stable connection than ADSL.
  3. Control over data usage – With Mobile Broadband accounts are capped, so you can control how much data you use. Plus you will be notified if your data is running low. If there are months when you use more data than others, you simply top up your bundle as and when you need to.
  4. Connectivity countrywide – If you travel often, you have the benefit of staying connected wherever you go.

RSAWEB’s Mobile Data has been designed to help you take control of your business’s mobile 3G and LTE connectivity costs.

A fast and simple management tool, Mobile Data enables business owners to monitor multiple SIMs and their usage, ultimately saving costs.

Here’s how your business stands to benefit:

  1. Pooled data means efficient usage – A single data bundle can be divided up among multiple users. This means that if during the month one of your employees reaches their cap, you can increase their data cap and more data will become available. Similarly, if an employee is using little data, you can elect to give them a lower cap, and allocate extra data to the person who needs it more.
  2. Linking multiple SIMs to one data cap – With Mobile Data, you can link as many SIMs as you would like to one shared data cap. This way, you can connect your phone, MiFi device or tablet to one data account. Once it is reached, the SIM will automatically be disconnected, but will be reactivated once the data cap is increased.
  3. Tracking data usage – You can create user groups (by department or region) and track data usage, thus enabling you to allocate costs and see who is getting capped in each group.
  4. Cap warnings – To keep users up-to-date on their data usage, a free notification can be set up via SMS or email to warn them they are approaching their data cap.

RSAWEB’s Mobile Broadband and Mobile Data gives you the control, speed and reliability you need to manage your personal or business connectively more effectively than ever.

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Flexible, affordable and reliable wireless Internet from RSAWEB