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Euphoria Telecom breaking boundaries with WebRTC

Euphoria Telecom‘s business goal has always been to push the boundaries of innovation and tech, delivering a relevant and useful communications tool for businesses in South Africa.

WebRTC has helped Euphoria Telecom to push the boundaries yet again.

WebRTC enables developers to quickly and easily develop rich, high-quality phone and PBX functionality directly in the browser (chrome, firefox, opera) significantly reducing R&D time and costs associated with designing a new product for each browser.

Light weight phone and PBX integrations replace bloated browser plugins, no licensing and no in depth expertise. Software developers love the easy and simplicity of WebRTC.

WebRTC offers:

  • High quality business telephone system in your web browser (for free) without having to install any extra plugins.
  • Voice communication through your desktop, across platforms, without having to build new for each platform.
  • Secure encryption is built into WebRTC as standard which means developers do not need to do build or worry about encryption for real time communications, it is built in as default.
  • Agile and light weight integrations. Uses Opus Codec, which offers the best audio experience available.
  • Accessible via the Euphoria platform. Happier end users. Rich media interactions.

WebRTC and Euphoria share innovation goals

Euphoria Telecom enables development houses to quickly and easily integrate our business telephone system into their proprietary systems, across multiple platforms (browsers, apps).

WebRTC is a game changer for cloud based business services like Euphoria Telecom, it is paving the way for a whole new world of simpler web interactions, making integration with CRM systems simpler.

Euphoria Telecom is committed pushing the boundaries to deliver innovative tech to customers, and WebRTC helps to advance the quality and accessibility of Euphoria Telecom’s product.

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Euphoria Telecom breaking boundaries with WebRTC