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How Microservice design is changing the game for developers

Leading software house, SMSPortal implements microservices to keep the client experience seamless.

Over the past few years the term “Microservices” or “Microservice Architecture” has emerged to explain the certain way of designing software applications as smaller automated deployable services.

Leading software house, SMSPortal has been implementing these microservices for the past couple of years.

So we caught up with Brett Skinner, SMSPortal Software Manger, to better understand their use of microservices within their software design.

“We have over the years been writing increasingly finer grained services,” explains Skinner.

“We didn’t realize it, but we have slowly been moving towards this architecture for a while.

“But now it is more formalized and we can look to the wisdom of the industry on this topic to accelerate our adoption of this architectural style.”

The adoption of microservices within business is an area that has shown unbelievable benefits to both software applications and the end-user.

“Microservices help us to form software engineering teams around similar business lines. Studies show that software aligned with business is more successful.”

What makes microservices adoption so important is the ability to focus on certain problem areas and expend energy where it is needed.

“Microservices allows us to answer scaling problems in very focused ways,” Skinner adds.

“If a specific part of the system shows signs of being slow, we can either start more instances of just that service or we can scale up the virtual machines that they run on.”

Downtime is a word that most software houses would like to eradicate from their vocabulary.

SMSPortal with their implementation of these microservices achieves just that.

“We have been looking at providing a platform with zero downtime,” says Skinner.

“By having a microservices architecture we can take down an instance, apply our upgrades and test it without ever switching off completely and without interrupting our client experience.”

Adopting a microservice architecture isn’t an overnight endeavour.

There is a lot of upfront investment in architecture and standards at an enterprise level.

SMSPortal with its rapid growth over the past 15 years has focused on building a world-class team of software engineers to better attend to these development needs.

“I cannot stress enough how important good software engineers are to our business, we are always on the lookout for top talent as we continue to grow our team,” concludes Skinner.

SMSPortal are currently running a recruitment campaign where they are offering a 1 month salary signing bonus to any software engineer who is successfully hired.

For more info on a career at SMSPortal:!careers

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How Microservice design is changing the game for developers