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XDSL rated the fastest Fibre ISP by MyBroadband – delivers blistering speeds

XDSL, an Internet Fibre ISP with a difference, is being rated as the fasted Fibre ISP in South Africa with the latest test done by MyBroadband.

XDSL is making strides with its extensive connectivity offering.

Delivering fast, reliable Fibre Internet which still remains a key focus and priority for the company.

XDSL boasts other competitive advantages that has enabled them to stay at the top spectrum of these speed tests that are regularly conducted, including the high quality of their equipment.

The equipment used is carrier-class and Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) compliant, adhering to MEF standards and thus ensuring quality service and interoperability.

XDSL comply with carrier-class industry standards where our fibre will never be less than 800 mm deep, ensuring network resilience.

Says Johan Olivier, Commercial Manager at XDSL, “Part of our success and ability to achieve blistering speeds is due to our extensive fibre network and footprint – in excess of 200 000 kilometres – supporting up to 80 Gigabits per second (Gbps) connectivity in certain areas.

“We also pride ourselves on the fact that we offer a next-generation fibre network that characterises high-speed and quality service, including 78 dedicated Points of Presence (POPs).”

In addition, XDSL ensures that redundancy is part and parcel of its offering with 6 international breakouts, 5 local breakouts and 20 peering points.

Losing Internet connectivity is a problem that XDSL customers do not have to worry about.

Further to this, XDSL is the Internet Fibre ISP with the most stringent and easy to understand SLA which includes a stringent and easy to understand penalty clause.

The XDSL SLA’s are categorised according to a client’s requirements, which allows customers access to an extensive self-service and detailed reporting portal.

XDSL encourage customers to take enterprise dedicated 1:1 fibre, with a committed information rate and 100% throughput.

Many customers are misled with phrases like, “minimal contention”, “acceptable use policy” or “usage based policies”.

Such product offerings cannot be deemed as enterprise fibre products.

This article was published in partnership with XDSL.

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XDSL rated the fastest Fibre ISP by MyBroadband – delivers blistering speeds