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How SA retailers are ignoring opportunities to increase online sales

A Genesys study shows that many retailers are ignoring online tools that improve close rates and act as a ‘last defense’ against the abandoned shopping cart.

While brick and mortar stores have a close rate of 30%, local online stores only see a close rate of 3%.

As such, retailers want to do all they can to improve their online close rate and reduce the instances of abandoned shopping carts.

In research conducted for South Africa market, Genesys has found that:

  • None of retailers proactively offered a click-to-chat box on their site that could have prevented a shopper from abandoning the cart.
  • More than 70% of the retailers had no visibility into the abandoned shopping cart when the customer called and asked the call center agent questions about items in the cart.
  • And 78% failed to contact the surveyor in any way after the cart was abandoned, even after one week.

Retailers in South Africa are largely ignoring tools to fight online shopping cart abandonment.

This research reveals that many retailers can improve their online revenue just through preventing shopping cart abandonment or being proactive in customer engagement when it does happen.

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How SA retailers are ignoring opportunities to increase online sales