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SEACOM’s record-breaking fibre connection keeps the MyBroadband Conference online

SEACOM brought in 10Gbps of bandwidth to the 2016 MyBroadband Conference and coupled the connectivity with over 50 Wi-Fi access points to give all delegates at the event free access to the Internet.

It was first time ever that a single one-day event in South Africa saw such high capacity offered to attendees.

SEACOM was the official connectivity partner at the MyBroadband Conference, and helped make the event the world-class affair delegates expected.

Chief Development Officer at SEACOM Suveer Ramdhani also gave an insightful presentation at the conference, talking about “change” in the Internet industry.

He showed that the Internet has evolved since its inception, and many of today’s users use the resource for social networks, business-to-business trading, cloud services, IPTV, gaming, music streaming, and general browsing of websites.

Ramdhani also touched on what consumers and businesses can look forward to in terms of Internet growth, with low-latency, high-speed fibre expanding across South Africa.

SEACOM’s exhibition stand at the conference was also a top attraction, with delegates keen to learn more about what the company can offer the IT and business markets in South Africa.

SEACOM at the 2016 MyBroadband Conference

SEACOM stand
The SEACOM stand saw many visitors during the MyBroadband Conference.
The SEACOM stand at the MyBroadband Conference.
SEACOM Chief Development Officer Suveer Ramdhani
SEACOM Chief Development Officer Suveer Ramdhani speaking at the 2016 MyBroadband Conference.
SEACOM provided delegates with free connectivity at the MyBroadband Conference.

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SEACOM’s record-breaking fibre connection keeps the MyBroadband Conference online