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Euphoria Telecom warns customers about fly-by-night telephone service providers

Telecoms has grown rapidly over the past few years attracting a host of telephone providers, some of who are inexperienced when it comes to voice services and lack sufficient credibility.

Euphoria Telecom warns against these operators who may exploit unsuspecting customers.

Consumers are constantly being bombarded with a myriad of telephone service options, decisions are getting more and more difficult and inexperienced operators are promising the world but fail to ever deliver on their promises.

Euphoria Telecom CEO George Golding says the telecom sector continues to be at the epicentre for economic growth, especially with innovation around cloud-based business models.

“This fast-paced and ever-changing telecom market can leave consumers scratching their heads.”

He warns that choosing the wrong telephone service provider could be costly.

“You need a reputable service provider who has a public track record of satisfied customers and one who has been operational for a long time and has sufficient experience with voice services. The risks associated with trusting your voice requirements to an unqualified service provider is too high.”

Golding says consumers need to consider their voice service provider carefully.

“Companies must ensure their service providers are contractually committed to delivering good customer service and a reliable, robust and functional system on a consistent basis”.

But how does one choose a credible service provider?

Firstly, one needs to avoid long-term contracts at all costs.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, businesses need to capitalise on the rapid speed of change and the many opportunities to innovate and grow.

Long term contracts restrict your business from being able to choose when and where to move when new opportunities arise.

Beware of the “sign up save now” sales pitch. Basing your choice of a service provider on costs alone is a risky decision to make, especially if the telephone service does not provide the business returns paramount to your businesses success.

For example, you might be saving 15% in the short term but you could be saving 50% in the long run if you take the time to evaluate all the benefits your service provider offers.

Look beyond the cost savings.

Euphoria Telecom offers so much more business value above cost savings.

Our service offers modern business telephone services for the modern business.

A business telephone system that receives and places calls is only one side of the coin.

A modern business telephone system must provide your business with critical insight into the productivity of your business, through automated processes, detailed reporting and workforce management.

Watch out for the “bundled service deal”.

It may seem as if your business is getting a great deal.

The reality is that bundle deals are created to sweeten the deal.

A service provider who specialises in connectivity such as Fiber to the Office (FTTO) is not likely to have the experience or capabilities to offer a great business telephone service.

This usually results in poor service delivery that does not meet your business requirements.

Voice is Sensitive!

While customers may not need to understand the full extent of the technical aspects that define a great voice service, customers do need to know that not every service provider offering voice services is the same.

This is especially true when voice offered as part of a “bundled service deal” or a “save now special”.

Often, voice becomes an unprofitable part of the service provider’s offering, as they do not have the right skills and necessary resources to ensure the system is robust, reliable and offers the modern functionality for a modern business.

“Customer support is crucial to ensure a consistently high-quality service. Reputable service providers that are committed to delivering superior customer service consistently, will have a good track record and will not require long-term contracts. Always first check what customer’s say about their experiences, this is an important part of the process when it comes to making good business decisions,” he concludes.

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Euphoria Telecom warns customers about fly-by-night telephone service providers