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Parcelninja saves South African online shops time and money

Many online shops in South Africa have excellent products, great marketing, and a good website, but struggle with logistics like warehousing, stock inventory, and delivery.

The good news is that Parcelninja can help online businesses with all their warehousing and distribution needs.

Parcelninja stores products on behalf of online shops in its warehouse and when a customer orders a product from the shop, it picks, packs, and delivers the product to the client.

Because of its large scale, Parcelninja offers reduced courier fees and far better warehousing solutions than what individual shops can afford.

By helping online shops with their logistics, it means these businesses can focus on what they are good at: finding great products, serving their customers, and marketing their offerings.

“IT and marketing people – the guys who typically start ecommerce shops – do not like to pack boxes and write labels for couriers. This is why we exist,” said Parcelninja CEO Justin Drennan.

Benefits of Parcelninja over doing it yourself

While many small and medium-sized online shops do logistics themselves, they cannot match the professionalism and scale of Parcelninja.

Parcelninja offers a scalable solution, which means it does not struggle to pack and deliver a high number of packages during busy periods like Black Friday and Christmas.

The company also least-cost-routes courier services, which saves a lot of money on delivery.

Parcelninja also has an advanced stock management platform, which offers real-time visibility of all stock.

“It is a complete outsource solution for online shops, which allows them to focus on selling more products and making more money,” said Drennan.

Integrating with Parcelninja

Parcelninja offers integration through its own APIs with many ecommerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

“Clients can just install the plugin on their site, drop their products at our warehouse, and be up and running within a day or two,” said Drennan.

How much Parcelninja’s services cost

Parcelninja’s pricing model is very simple and affordable. An online shop only pays for the space they use in the warehouse, to pick and pack a product, and for the courier fees to deliver a product.

“We make a small margin on the distribution component and we have very affordable rates for the other parts,” said Drennan.

The fact that it is a pay-as-you-go service means that the cost is lower during quieter months – only increasing as a shop sells more items.

How to join Parcelninja

Online shops in South Africa can find out more by mailing [email protected] or visiting and filling in the enquiry form.

This article was published in partnership with Parcelninja.

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Parcelninja saves South African online shops time and money