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Dax Data unveils Adobe 2017 updates

This is an exciting time of year for Adobe, with the biggest product releases of the year happening now – bringing great new features and product released as part of the 2017 Creative Cloud update and the release of a new licensing model – Creative Cloud for Enterprise.

The overarching theme behind these new developments is indicative of Adobe’s vision to create a great user experience by improving workflows – enabling users to create their best work faster.

“As a key local distributor for Adobe, we are excited about these new developments,” says Jeremy Matthews, CEO of Dax Data. continues Matthews.

Desktop Video App Updates

Adobe has made some great improvements to its desktop video apps including:

  • 3D Rendering engine: Improved 3D rendering performance that allows creation of elements such as extruded text and shape layers directly inside After Effects.
  • New VR Improvements: The VR workflow in Premiere Pro now offers additional improvements including the ability to automatically detect the kind of VR mode you’re working in and determines the proper VR settings behind the scenes.
  • Character Animator Enhancements: Character Animator now has faster puppet creation and animation that integrates more seamlessly with Photoshop and Illustrator. DL now also makes switching between these apps easy.

Desktop Design App Updates

This release brings features that improve efficiency, and offer greater design control to help businesses create amazing content faster.

  • Universal Search Bar – A new Universal Search Bar in Photoshop allows users to quickly search tools. Panels, menus, Adobe Stock, help content and tutorials.
  • Stock Templates – Hundreds of stock templates are available in Photoshop and Illustrator to get you users started.
  • Footnotes Capabilities – New Footnote capabilities in Illustrator means users can add footnotes that span across multiple columns or the entire document.
  • Updated Dreamweaver CC – Dreamweaver will now be faster and leaner, with an all-round better user experience.

Mobile App Updates

Adobe’s 2017 Mobile Apps update will give users more of the functionality they experience with the desktop apps, making it even easier to work on-the-go.

  • Photoshop Brushes – Any brushes you have created in Photoshop can now be accessed via users’ CC Library and used directly in Photoshop Sketch
  • Blending Layers – Users can now blend layers in Sketch and Draw just like in Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Android Mobile Apps now available

Exciting New Developments for Stock


To make it even easier to get great assets Adobe is constantly updating and developing their marketplace to bring users high quality assets from a wide range of sources

  • Over 60 million assets – Adobe Stock now offers over 60 million high quality assets, including 2 million stock videos and nearly 100,000 premium images.
  • 3D assets – Stock now features 3D assets for use in the nearly released Project Felix.

Beyond the continuous addition of great new assets, Adobe Stock has introduced a brilliant new feature that makes searching for assets quicker and easier.

The new Visual Search option, powered by machine learning, allows users search for stock images using an image they already have, Visual Search will return a number of Stock images with a similar look.

In addition, users can add both an image and words to the search bar, to enhance their search and speed up their workflow.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise


This great new model for large organisations streamlines creative workflows, and accelerates content production by providing all the creative tools users need through a platform.

With increased visibility and control that Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise brings, staff are able to manage deployment and licenses from a single, easy-to-use Adobe Enterprise Dashboard, use Federated ID/Single Sign-On, and take advantage of the User Management SDK to synchronise with existing directory systems, automating user changes and keeping control of your organisations creative assets.

In addition, Creative Cloud for Enterprise comes with 24/7 advanced tech support for IT staff, to help with on boarding and deployment – as well as Expert Service for Creatives.

Creative Cloud for Enterprise, as well as all the new CC Updates are available now – contact Dax Data for more information on licensing and how to buy.

This article was published in partnership with Dax Data.

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Dax Data unveils Adobe 2017 updates