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The fastest prepaid billing system in the world

The key challenge for mobile operators and service providers is to keep their business relevant.

Some international carriers are now looking at Prepaid charging as a potential source for increasing revenue.

One attractive billing solution is BillRun Prepaid – a scalable, affordable service that enables you to grow infinitely with your expanding clientele.

Designed with open-source architecture and advanced tools for web-scale and big-data analytics, BillRun addresses the challenges of Prepaid billing for the telecom and mobile industries.

Can your prepaid billing system take the heat?

With over 96% Prepaid subscribers in the mobile African market, service providers aimed at penetrating this market require an agile, sophisticated Prepaid billing solution.

BillRun Technologies Ltd., headquartered in Tel Aviv, specializes in the development and implementation of open-source consumer-retail billing solutions – both on-premise and cloud-based.

At the core of BillRun Prepaid® is a rule-driven online-charging engine that computes complex data usage instantaneously, handling tens of millions of Prepaid subscribers.

Transactions are processed at a rate of tens of thousands of requests per second, providing the highest level of performance and speed available.

A fully elastic, linearly-scalable system, BillRun ensures unaffected performance when scaling, interfacing also with IoT devices for industries such as transportation, healthcare, and utilities.

Available at a fraction of the initial cost and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of existing Prepaid systems, BillRun is easy to operate, requiring far less infrastructure than other systems of this caliber.

Open-architecture presents limitless opportunities

BillRun’s open-source design provides the ability to implement new procedures easily, increase capacity in real time, and adjust dynamically to peak times.

Flexible parameters enable high-resolution revenue analysis, easy customer segmentation, and responsive customer support.

Multiple prepaid digital wallets provide numerous charging methods, payment options, rates, and plans.

Providers can send real-time notifications to subscribers regarding their consumption status, or block or slow access when the balance is depleted.

A recent installation of BillRun Prepaid was completed at Pelephone – a leading Israeli mobile carrier.

The only one of its kind in Israel, the system was designed to handle several millions of Prepaid mobile subscribers in real time.

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The fastest prepaid billing system in the world