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Lucozade SA’s groundbreaking digital refrigeration creates an exciting connection with shoppers

Lucozade SA prides itself on being at the forefront of innovative technology and a leader in the energy drink market.

The brand realised the importance of connecting with consumers directly at the point of purchase especially with the launch of the new Lucozade ZERO and sought out to find a solution that would do just that!

Lucozade SA partnered with Pulse Media Technologies to implement the first formal African launch of the groundbreaking technological digital refrigerator which was installed into a number of retail outlets across South Africa.

“With the launch of the new Lucozade ZERO, our first sugar-free offering, we knew we wanted to deviate from the norm by implementing innovative marketing strategies that would leave our consumers with excitement.

“The Lucozade ZERO digital refrigeration allows us to do exactly that, while enabling us to drive our marketing messages and interact with shoppers in an exciting manner,” stated Qhawekazi Mdikane (Area Marketing Manager: Lucozade SA).

The technology replaces the conventional glass door with a new ‘intelligent’ door, incorporating a transparent digital HD LCD screen.

What makes this technology so ground-breaking, is the fact that it still allows for clear viewing of products through the screen when desired.

Through this concept, Lucozade SA can now utilise the door of their refrigerators to display pictures, videos, advertisements, logos, current offers or even to host a competition or game by means of touch interaction.

Designing the content mindfully on a transparent background can be used in intriguing ways to promote the products.

Carefully controlled LED Lighting, both within the door frame and internally within the fridge itself, allows us to switch from transparent to opaque in an instant, which can keep the viewer continuously engaged with the brand for longer periods whilst still having the ability to convert and influence their impulse decision behaviour at the point of purchase.

Each fridge is connected to the cloud where it systematically checks for new content, downloads it, and adds it to the playlist.

These fridges can also be equipped with audio for automated responses or sound effects or even cameras for facial recognition and motion sensors to offer an even more exciting, engaging and in-store consumer experience.

Lucozade SA’s initiative is the first of its kind in Africa and is the latest example of the growing momentum in leading innovative digital signage solutions to extend the instore
retail experience beyond the traditional marketing media platforms.

The Lucozade ZERO interactive fridges can be found at selected retailers nationwide.

This article was published in partnership with Lucozade SA.

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Lucozade SA’s groundbreaking digital refrigeration creates an exciting connection with shoppers