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Most popular retailers in South Africa

Guzzle Media, SA’s leading catalogue promotion’s aggregator and retail catalogue technology company, has revealed the top trending retailers of 2016.

Between January and December 2016, Guzzle had 7,836,989 visitors who each viewed as many as 11 pages per visit – 92,185,068 in total.

During this period, several retailers stood out as the most popular, with Game coming out on top, followed by Clicks and HiFi Corp.

Here are the Top 10 retailers for 2016, according to Guzzle’s stats:

  1. Game
  2. Clicks
  3. HiFi Corp
  4. DionWired
  5. Incredible Connection
  6. Makro
  7. MTN
  8. Pick n Pay
  9. Midas
  10. Bradlows

Guzzle generated the most traffic between 21 November and 21 December 2016, with over 15 million catalogue views, over 1,1 million visitors viewing 13 pages each average.

Of these, 126,413 people visited on Black Friday alone, each visiting an average of 11 pages to total over 1,3 million catalogue views.

Digital catalogues have become extremely popular over the past 3 years, with 2017 set to be the biggest year yet in terms of viewership.

A major advantage for retailers with online stores are interactive catalogues, which direct users to purchase via the catalogue.

This functionality is currently provided by Guzzle.

“As South Africans, we all want the best that we can reasonably afford. Guzzle aims to help you save both time and money by bringing you new deals daily,” says Managing Director Ric Meulemans.

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Most popular retailers in South Africa