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Architect your own Composable Infrastructure

HPE Synergy is a new category of infrastructure that accelerates application delivery in both traditional and new IT environments.

It is the world’s first platform architected for Composable Infrastructure – designed to run both traditional and cloud-native applications for organisations seeking the benefits of running a hybrid infrastructure.

Now you can easily align your on-premises infrastructure with your DevOps team operation to enable agility in bringing new apps and IT services to market.

HPE Synergy leverages fluid resource pools, software defined intelligence and a unified API to provide the foundation for organisations to continually optimise the right mix of traditional IT and private cloud resources.

Organisations today have more opportunities than ever before to quickly deliver new applications and services, embrace new business models and enter new markets.

Much of the pressure to deliver on these ambitions falls on the IT department, which must extract more efficiencies and cost savings out of the traditional systems and applications

Simultaneously, it must provide a foundation for the rapid creation and delivery of new services through mobile, big data and cloud-native technologies.

Supporting these two very different operating models requires rethinking the way IT infrastructure is built.

HPE Synergy addresses this challenge by leveraging a new architecture called Composable Infrastructure which consists of three key design principles, including fluid resource pools, software defined intelligence, and a unified API.

HPE Synergy physically brings together compute, storage and networking fabric, and through a single interface powered by HPE OneView, composes physical and virtual resources into any configuration for any application.

As an extensible platform, it easily enables a broad range of applications and is ideal for customers looking to deploy a scalable hybrid cloud environment and enable continuous DevOps.

For more information, visit HPE at EOH Connect 2017 on 2 March at the Sandton Convention Centre.

This one-of-a-kind annual event promises to deliver an enriching and thought-leading experience to CIO’s, IT practitioners and industry professionals across the board.

Born out of necessity, this fresh ICT event concept will not only share next generation IT trends and solutions, but also equip you with the tools and know-how required to both survive and thrive within the context of what you have, and where you are today.

For more information on how HPE and EOH can transform your business visit us here.

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Architect your own Composable Infrastructure