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Innovation starts with us, and continues with you

Entering a new year with many new opportunities on the horizon, ODEK Customer Engagement revels in the privilege to finally introduce themselves to the world as one of the leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies in South Africa.

It certainly has been an impressive journey so far for the CEO, Gert Swart with over 20 years of experience in the field of ICT, specifically in voice.

Gert always knew what he wished to accomplish in life by creating and nurturing an ICT Company that works with companies for better solutions that impacts their bottom line positively as a partner not just as a supplier.

He knew that it would be a long journey with many unexpected detours.

Gert Swart’s Contact Centre career began in 1996 as an ICT support engineer and developer.

After assisting South Africa’s “big four” banks with Y2K testing, Gert moved abroad where he installed and configured cutting edge Contact Centre technology in Kuwait, Dubai and London.

In 2001, Gert joined Genesys, currently a trusted partner of ODEK Customer Engagement and the biggest product solution provided as well.

Bringing us to the reason of ODEK Customer Engagement’s existence, in 2013 Gert ventured into an alliance, which led to the establishment of Elingo Business Solutions, as Managing Director.

In 2016 Elingo Business Solutions became ODEK Customer Engagement.

ODEK Customer Engagement is focused on connecting people with people.

This well-established Johannesburg, South African based ICT company partners with customers to deliver the best possible solution and service.

With a specialised focus on enterprise multimedia contact centres and enterprise IP telephony, ODEK is a technology and cost forerunner that has partnered with best in class, global, industry leaders, to offer a range of hand-picked, versatile, and customizable solutions that integrate into any other process or system.

The commitment and devotion the ODEK Customer Engagement team has to relationship management and top- class engineering allows them to cater for all types of communication.

This enables the dynamic management of multimedia interactions, enhanced workforce mobility, improved security, and broad integration to existing systems and end-user devices that drive businesses.

Regardless of the size and type of Contact Centre, ODEK continues to have unmatched product and exceptional technical knowledge and skills.

The team takes pride in their company and is committed to fuse innovation with experience with each project that presents itself, and can therefore provide any solution best suited to the customer’s need.

As an industry leader in business process automation, ODEK Customer Engagement shares expertise and cutting-edge solutions with customers, who can then capture, prioritize, route, escalate, and track every step of a process, which puts them in control.

For more information, visit the ODEK Customer Engagement website.

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Innovation starts with us, and continues with you