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Make your IT work smarter, not harder

As a leader in IT Infrastructure Management, Sintrex has earned a reputation for world-class end-to-end solutions with a personal touch.

While many products and services in the local IT sector are based on imported products, Sintrex provides local solutions.

By listening to and adapting services to each client’s unique needs, Sintrex offers a complete end-to-end service, with accurate, real-time data that ensures a desired level of performance is achieved and maintained in all IT assets throughout the business.

This service is built on the following four service pillars, which work to form a comprehensive IT management solution designed to enhance the customer’s experience of their IT:

  • Sintrex Infrastructure Management: This allows you to become a long-term partner in the accurate and efficient management of their IT infrastructure.
  • Sintrex Asset Management: Sintrex delivers real-time information on your assets to ensure the business is operating at maximum efficiency.
  • Sintrex Application Management: Sintrex strives to proactively detect and diagnose application performance problems to maintain a superior level of service for the business by monitoring and managing the performance and availability of software applications.
  • Sintrex SLA Management: Sintrex Service-level management provides for continual identification, monitoring and review of the levels of IT services specified in the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) the business has with multiple 3rd party suppliers and service providers.

What really sets Sintrex apart, however, is the motivated, credible and attentive team.

Through a culture of excellence, partnership and fun, Sintrex attracts and empowers staff with an inspirational work experience, world class software and globally renowned partners.

“Sintrex delivers great results because it mentors a great team,” said Keith Mclachlan, CEO at Sintrex.

A shared passion for client focused IT visibility solutions, brings the staff together, productively.”

Mclachlan contends that South African companies need to be at the forefront of developing young people and creating jobs.

Keeping revenue local empowers companies investing in the future of South Africa to mature their products, drive innovation and ultimately create employment opportunities.

Sintrex has a strong internship programme that currently sees 80% of its interns joining its team full-time.

For more information, please visit the Sintrex website.

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Make your IT work smarter, not harder