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Work hard, play harder – why developers are choosing redPanda Software

Developers are enjoying both career growth and personal fulfilment at redPanda Software’s new headquarters in Cape Town.

redPanda Software is an expert in the end-to-end development and support of customised applications aimed at streamlining business processes and operations.

What impresses the developers working at redPanda Software is the strong community, where they are given the support that they need to develop their career and learn new skills.

“There is a constant evolution of process at redPanda Software, and developers are learning so much about themselves,” says Jacques Terblanche, redPanda Software Developer.

“The software we develop is always challenging, with something new to learn. Teams are growing, and no two days are the same. It’s exciting.”

Terblanche became a developer to make a difference in people’s lives, and chose redPanda Software because “there is a feeling of community, working towards a common goal, and a sense of direction that is unique to the company”.

“While every development house has its own personality, redPanda Software is welcoming and friendly. It is a great environment to work in.”

Ebrahim Isaacs, also a Developer at redPanda Software, adds that “redPanda Software has the nicest atmosphere. It is always great to see friendly faces that are ready to help when you are in need.”

Isaacs was attracted to development because he enjoys creating something out of nothing, thinking up concepts and then translating them into something concrete.

He joined the company as part of its successful internship programme and has since gone on to grow his career there.

“I saw redPanda Software as a good environment to learn more about development than I already know. I felt as though I had hit a gold mine, as it is a great place that was far beyond my imagination,” he adds.

“I always thought that developers would work in silos, each in their own cubicle, preoccupied with their own work. I never imagined that there could be such a feeling of community.”

Isaacs revealed that the learning curve was steepest for him during his internship and that he has enjoyed huge growth opportunities at redPanda Software.

Terblanche added that redPanda Software gives developers fantastic exposure to industry standard technology and the ability to work on projects for blue-chip clients, which affords them a huge scope for career growth.

It’s not ‘all work and no play’, however, as the company encourages a balanced lifestyle to help make work more enjoyable.

“We have been given the opportunity to expand other skills, such as music or sporting activities,” says Isaacs.

“We get the opportunity to have music lessons, and there is a pool table in the recreational room and a basketball court to blow off some steam – so it’s not just all work here,” adds Terblanche.

For developers looking for a great place to work, Terblanche and Isaacs say that a drive to succeed and a passion for the required work is imperative.

They add that companies looking to attract the best talent need to cultivate a culture of belonging and should show interest in developing its people and honing their skills.

For more information, and to apply for developer roles in Cape Town, visit the official redPanda Software website.

This article was published in partnership with redPanda Software.

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Work hard, play harder – why developers are choosing redPanda Software