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Order your Miner today and start earning Crypto Currency tomorrow is offering you the chance to earn Bitcoin while you wait for your Miner to arrive with Bitmart’s new cloud mining facility.

“This is a bridging solution that no other competitor in the market can offer,” says Jacques Serfontein, Bitmart CEO.

“We have been hard at work the past six months to secure this cloud mining facility, similar to what is available on the market today.”

Bitmart has successfully delivered over 500 Miners in and around South Africa since 2015.

Bitmart is now not only able to offer Cloud Mining services to clients but can also allow clients who order machines from Bitmart to earn Bitcoins, Dash or Ethereum currency equal to the hash power of the machine or machines the client has ordered.

“This means you don’t miss a single day’s mining,” adds Serfontein.

The contract begins to pay out 48 hours after full payment of your order has been received and then every 24 hours after that until your miner arrives via courier.

You have the first option to purchase the set mining contract, which was allocated to your wallet while waiting for the stock to arrive at a discounted rate.

“Crypto Currency mining is a great investment, and you can see 6% to 15% ROI, which is a much higher return than investing with a bank,” says Serfontein.

“You also pay no tax on Crypto Currencies because it is viewed as a commodity in South Africa. It won’t be taxed unless you convert it to currency.

“With Bitcoin Mining, you earn a full return on your investment within the first 12 months, and one individual Bitcoin has a higher value than any other currency.”

Bitmart was established in December 2015 to unite fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts across South Africa and educate people in the ways of transacting and using Bitcoin in their communities.

As South Africa’s leading Bitcoin Mining hardware supplier, Bitmart provides support for both new and established people who form part of the Bitcoin Mining economy.

Bitmart specialises in the sales of the Bitcoin mining hardware GPU Rigs for Mining Ethereum and has also recently added DASH Mining equipment to its online store.

“We buy, test and sell a variety of Bitcoin and Crypto Currency mining hardware to people across South Africa and neighbouring countries,” says Serfontein.

To help the community and stand for fair trade in the Bitcoin community, Bitmart launched its Shepherd Service.

Bitmart has consistently made an effort to secure the South African Market against scams, and their Shepherd service acts as a mediator and testing agent for people wanting to buy second-hand Mining hardware over the web.

Through this service, Bitmart acts as the ‘middle man’ to ensure that buyers are not ripped off by people selling Bitcoin Miners that are faulty.

Sellers can send Bitmart the machine, which is then tested for the buyer who receives a full report of the Miner status and any hardware faults or problems.

Being a repair agent in Africa for Antminer Avalon and soon Baikal miners, Bitmart can arrange for the repairs on damaged Miners as well.

Only when the buyer is satisfied does Bitmart conclude the deal and pay the seller.

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This article was published in partnership with Bitmart.

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Order your Miner today and start earning Crypto Currency tomorrow