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What to do when emergency services pass you – quick tips

The Easter weekend has a grim history in terms of road safety.

While you’re en route to your destination, the unfortunate likelihood of passing an accident scene or having emergency vehicles pass you is high.

Here’s what to do when you notice an emergency vehicle behind you:

  • Don’t panic! Identify where the emergency vehicle is coming from, and plan your next move.
  • Don’t slam on your brakes. This could threaten the safety of not only the emergency vehicle but also other road users.
  • Give way. Move to the left (where safe) and slow down when the emergency vehicle passes you. You are obliged by law to give way, so don’t hog the lane in defiance.
  • Avoid making sudden movements. Once the emergency vehicle has passed, keep an eye on your rear and side view mirrors – there may be more response vehicles heading your way.

By making way in a safe manner (and not creating another emergency situation by making the wrong moves), you may be saving the lives of those involved in the accident ahead of you.

Urgent emergency assistance is vital

The first hour after an accident is called the “Golden Hour” – seriously injured car crash victims need to reach comprehensive medical care within 60 minutes to ensure a good chance of survival.

This scenario leaves minimal time for rescuers to rescue the wounded from the scene and rush them to a hospital.

In the event of an accident, urgent emergency assistance is vital.

“Crash detect” devices usually work through a tracking device installed in your vehicle, which triggers a call for help.

When a serious vehicle impact is detected, MiWay Emergency Alert will trigger a notification to their 24-hour emergency call centre, who will contact the driver to check whether they’re okay.

If there is no answer, an emergency response team will immediately be dispatched to the location transmitted from the device in your vehicle.

Can you afford to go without an Emergency Alert service?

Any time wasted on the way to or from the scene could mean the difference between life and death.

Activating MiWay Emergency Alert is simple – just get car insurance from MiWay and we’ll walk you through the process.

This article was published in partnership with MiWay.

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What to do when emergency services pass you – quick tips