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A job isn’t just a salary – the perks of being a software developer

On OfferZen, companies create profiles to tell developers more about themselves.

You’ll find info about the size of the company, location, hiring process, and tech stack.

Companies can also indicate the perks they offer employees, like additional leave, work from home, free lunch and flexible working hours.

We currently have more than 400 companies on OfferZen, and for this article, we investigated the 2500+ perks they’ve listed so far.

The top 5 perks on OfferZen

We ended up with 32 different perk categories and found that the top 5 perks on OfferZen were significantly better represented than the others.

More than half of the companies on OfferZen listed Flexi Hours as a perk.

This is not surprising, the nature of development work is aimed at release cycles rather than face-time with clients.

If a developer is meeting these deadlines it is mostly irrelevant which hours they are working.

Perks vs. company size

After categorising the perks we were curious to see how company size correlates with certain perks.

The following perks had the most notable trends.

Medical aid and pension fund

As expected, the prevalence of medical aid and pension funds increases as company size increases.

Of companies with more than 500 employees, over 75% of companies offer this perk.

Free lunch

For Free Lunch, we expected to see the inverse of the medical aid and pension fund graph.

Instead, we found that for companies up to 200 employees, the likelihood of free lunch increases as the number of employees increases.

But with companies bigger than 200 employees, the prevalence of free lunch drops fast.

Educational opportunities

Many companies list things like ‘training and mentoring’, ‘certification courses’, ‘subscription to online courses’, ‘study bursaries’, ‘generous conference budget’, and ‘study leave’ as perks.

These perks looked like things related to formal training to us and we grouped them as Educational Opportunities.

We are glad to report that many companies on OfferZen do care about formal learning. Educational Opportunities ranked 7th on our list of 32 perks.

“We are glad to report that many companies on OfferZen do care about formal learning.”

Why perks should be important to developers

The perks a company offers is normally a reflection of what they value.

When comparing the different perks across companies, it might be useful to ask yourself what impression a company is trying to create through their perks.

If a company lists training as a perk, for example, they might want future employees to know that they’re serious about personal development and keen to invest in someone’s career.

If a company offers regular social events as a perk, it might mean that they care about friendships within the team.

By asking these questions developers can use the perks listed on OfferZen as indicators of whether a company will be a good culture fit for them.

Are you looking for a software job where you can work independently or simply interested to see what other perks companies offer?

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A job isn’t just a salary – the perks of being a software developer