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Sintrex invests in 59 unemployed learners to help launch their IT careers

Sintrex has kicked off a learnership program that has enrolled 59 unemployed individuals at various institutions based in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

That’s more than 50% of the company’s current headcount.

The learnership program was launched in 2017 with the goal of creating a talent pipeline of potential employees, either for Sintrex or other ICT companies in SA.

The learners will participate in a one-year generic IT qualification program, to equip them with skills for a productive and successful career.

The learners study a combination of theory and workplace experience where they apply theory in a workplace environment.  This will empower the learners to be workplace ready at the end of their studies.

At the end of the one year, learners will be evaluated not only by the institution, but by Sintrex as well.

To be eligible for an one year internship program with Sintrex, the learners will have to successfully complete the learnership and pass an internal assessment.

Interns who then successfully pass the intern program are offered permanent employment at Sintrex.

Once employed permanently, the employee will start a career in system support as an operator with career paths that extend to engineering, development, product specialists or sales.

Sintrex CEO Keith Mclachlan visited the learning institutions where he introduced Sintrex to the learners and handed each learner a welcoming hamper.

Regular visits to the learners will ensure that both parties get to know one another better, and form a long-term relationship.

One learner, Abdul, explains that the program is structured to feel “more like a work environment than a classroom.”

Beverly Mvumvu, another learner in the program, adds that “with the internships, we got a great view of how one should handle and act in a work environment.”

“This program has broadened my sphere of understanding as to my chosen field and is a stepping stone in establishing myself as an individual – in the pursuit of prosperity,” concludes learner Lesetja Mogau Chuene.

“With the current decline in the currency and employment, I’m happy to be recognised as part of this program.”

For more information, visit the Sintrex website.

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Sintrex invests in 59 unemployed learners to help launch their IT careers