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Why embracing the Cloud makes good business sense

Humans do not like change; we want to adapt to our environment to thrive in it for as long as we possibly can.

However, the complexity of human life and technology does not allow us to enjoy consistency and stability.

The world of technology is constantly changing, and it is a natural human response to be afraid to adapt or change along with it.

As the popular saying goes, “You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”. Indeed, innovation is the key to a successful future and it’s clear that this statement has never rung truer.

The fable by Spencer Johnson: Who Moved My Cheese? (1998) teaches an important lesson, as some characters in the book find it difficult to adapt to change and eventually suffer from hunger, while others change along with it and thrive.

At the recent My Broadband Cloud, Hosting and Security Conference, ODEK demonstrated how rapid the world is moving and technology growth increases its pace yearly.

The adoption is showed in a recent article where the normal fix line telephone took 50 years to get 50 million users, yet it only took 12 years for the mobile phone, and only three years for Facebook.

Adaptation to Cloud should not be the end of something but rather a beginning of something unique and exciting. Cloud opens you to the possibility of improving customer experience without the substantial capital expenditure.

Enterprise IT is still a little suspicious of the lack of control cloud represents, but like the characters in Johnson’s book, it is time to embrace the change.

In fact, there are many benefits involved in moving to the cloud.

By using Cloud applications, you benefit from many cloud products, lower costs, improved security and management controls that allow you to streamline business and increase profitability. Customers are no longer obligated to invest in modern technology, they can rather test it with a small proof of value projects and only scale up as needed.

Examples come to mind such as social media or engaging through the website with chat or call-back options. ODEK can now also analyse voice or text through its Analytics engine, providing customers with valuable information on what customers are saying, as well as stay informed on agents and if they are meeting their compliance KPI’s.

Changing to the Cloud can be an effortless, and not so intimidating, slow migration.

The ODEK and Genesys cloud solution customers can now choose between private, public or hybrid cloud options.

This will free up your IT department, allowing them to deliver more efficiently, be more agile and reduce the costs incurred by IT, which can instead be spent on building a better customer experience. ­­­

To counter the on-going challenge of customers demanding new forms of engagement that require a cloud suite.

Migrating to the cloud assist companies to simplify contact centre operations and achieve efficiency.

This shift will help contact centres become more agile while providing true automation of intelligent decision-making in real time and give companies the ability to scale up and down according to seasonal, hourly, and regional needs.

In the business context, what can be taken from Johnson’s book is that if you don’t learn to adapt to change your company will not grow.

ODEK Customer Engagement in partnership with Genesys, empowers companies to create effortless omnichannel customer experiences, journeys, and relationships.

For over 25 years, they have put the customer at the centre and passionately believe that great customer engagement drives great business outcomes.

The Customer Experience Platform enables enterprises to fully orchestrate and monitor multimodal omnichannel journeys and interactions that are personalised for every customer.

The next generation of contact centre solutions goes beyond single touch points to include all channels and interactions, including web, mobile, social, and voice – as well as unifying traditional business silos in marketing, sales, the front office, and back office.

Together, ODEK Customer Engagement and Genesys have a wealth of experience in powering great customer service and experiences and orchestrate more than a million digital and voice interactions each day.

Exceeding customer expectations and driving new revenue with the broadest set of cloud customer experience solutions.

For more information, you can visit the ODEK website.

This article was published in partnership with Odek.

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Why embracing the Cloud makes good business sense