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Optimize data centre cooling with effective control systems

Growing energy cost and environmental responsibility have placed the data centre industry under increasing pressure to improve its energy efficiency.

Of all data centre energy consumption, the cooling system typically consumes the second largest portion (the first being IT equipment).

For example, assume a 1MW data centre with a PUE of 1.91 at 50% IT load, the cooling system consumes about 36% of the energy used by the entire data center (including IT equipment) and about 75% of the energy used by the physical infrastructure (without IT equipment) to support the IT applications.

Given its large energy footprint, optimizing the cooling system provides a significant opportunity to reduce energy costs.

Cooling systems specified without considering their control methods leads to issues such as demand fighting, human error, shutdown, high operation cost, and other costly outcomes.

Understanding the different levels of cooling control provides a framework for rational discussions and specifications for data centre cooling systems.

There are three high-level tasks used to establish an efficient cooling system for a new data centre design.

Schneider Electric’s white paper focuses on one of these three tasks – adopt effective cooling control systems.

The paper investigates the challenges of data centre cooling, why traditional cooling controls do not work, and what is an effective cooling control system.

Finally, it describes four cooling control levels, when they should be used, the benefits and limitations of each level, and provide examples of each.

In general, you can use the following three high-level tasks to establish an efficient cooling system for a new data centre design:

  • Select an appropriate cooling architecture
  • Adopt effective cooling control systems
  • Manage airflow in IT space

For information, and to download the white paper, visit the Schneider Electric website.

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Optimize data centre cooling with effective control systems