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It entertains you, it knows where you are at all times, it responds to your touch and when your reflexes fail and your device takes a nasty fall – you start to panic, your beloved Smartphone!

The reason people start panicking so much is because on average a repair can mean 2-6 weeks distance from your beloved device and a hefty fee.

This is mostly due to Smartphone brands that don’t support “right to repair” amendments to repairs laws.

However, repairs via a third-party help reduce e-waste generated by the population’s veracious appetite for new gadgets by driving down repair costs in turn encouraging you to squeeze more life out of your old devices.

According to weFix Branch Manager of V& A Waterfront, Gideon van Sittert, among the many things that can be repaired in a smartphone, home button repairs are quite a common repair due to software malfunction, especially when it comes to Touch I.D.

Dock connectors (charging dock) issues and battery replacements are also some of the most common problems smartphone owners approach repairs companies with.

weFix technicians reveal that the most common reasons given for broken devices include angry girlfriends, phones being forgotten on top of cars when pulling away, coffee spills and even animal interference.

And if you are think that the old “put it in rice” trick will work for intensive liquid damage to a device, you might want to think again.

“We once had a client walk into the store with a 25kg bag of rice,” recounts van Sittert.

“At first, we thought he just went shopping, until he took a MacBook out of the massive bag and asked us to do a liquid damage assessment. Unfortunately, the rice didn’t save his Mac, but at least he was sorted with rice for a good while.”

Considering the pace at which Smartphone features change and smartphones are damaged it is important that technicians are kept up-to-date with the latest changes in the market.

This includes learning and understanding all new devices as they hit the market, including those of drones and many others.

Smart device repair specialists weFix repairs are quick and easy, with an average of 20 – 30 minutes for basic repairs, while screen repairs, full software update or a home button replacement take around 35 – 45 minutes, and have reduced prices on many of their current repairs.

weFix repairs all four of the leading phone brands including Samsung, Apple, LG and Huawei, and also offers you the option to buy your repair through the online store.

2 weeks ago, weFix has also substantially reduced prices on all iPhone repairs. So now you can save up to R3,000.

weFix employs 150 qualified Technicians nationwide, 36 stores countrywide, which makes this footprint wider than any device repairer.

The company has an innovative walk-in walk-out philosophy and the in-store experience includes shopping for the latest ranges of device accessories from Houdt, RiCharge and DJI.

“It’s quite clear that many South Africans do become attached to their devices, and do value the cost-savings of repairs and services,” says Alex Fourie, CEO of weFix.

“With a nationwide footprint and over 675,000 repairs, weFix is the service solution for when you have an issue with your device and is authorized to conduct in and out of warranty for leading brands.”

For more information visit the weFix website.

This article was published in partnership with weFix.

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Get your device fixed in the next 20 minutes