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Cut your contact centre costs by up to 40% with 1Stream’s special offer

As cloud solutions have increasingly become the solution of choice, many contact centres are taking the leap from on-site hardware to innovative, scalable, and resilient cloud-based contact centre solutions.

Cloud-based contact centres have massively increased in popularity over the past decade, with almost half reporting either having already migrated to the cloud or being in the process of doing so.

“Moving your call centre to the cloud can provide your business with a number of significant benefits,” says 1Stream director Bruce von Maltitz.

“With 1Stream as your technology partner, you can be saving up to 40% on your existing contact centre costs.”

Here are the top ways you can save money when adopting cloud solutions for your contact centre.

Always have the best technology available

Companies who rely on premises-based tech will find it too expensive to upgrade to new hardware and software.

With a cloud solution, however, the system is seamlessly upgraded with state-of-the-art, high-tech software with little to no downtime, no bulky new equipment, and no massive installation fees.

“With a cloud system, you can also pick and choose the components you need, when you need them and don’t end up paying for unnecessary services,” adds von Maltitz.

1Stream offers you full access to world-class technology, including a full range of multi-media applications to route, record and report on all your contact centre activity.

This omni-channel system also integrates communication channels beyond voice, such as email, chat, and SMS, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

As a result, contact centre agents no longer need to juggle multiple desktop applications, which not only saves money but time as well.

Access scarce IT skills

On-premise hardware also requires maintenance, and companies with very little tech experience might find themselves having to employ a full-time IT technician to keep it running smoothly.

“Unless you have invested in very niche IT skills, which is quite expensive, then you probably aren’t getting the value you need from your equipment,” says von Maltitz.

“Many companies will also struggle to retain quality talent, especially if they aren’t specifically focused on IT, as there is a shortage in the industry.”

Since most call centres are not able to afford those skills, when something goes wrong, the managers end up having to sort out problems instead of doing the key roles they were hired to fulfill.

When moving your call centre to the cloud, however, you will have access to superior IT skills and can focus on your core business instead.

Prove the technology before you invest

Another big advantage of migrating to the cloud is that you’re able to prove that the technology works for you before you invest in it.

Some cloud-based companies will only charge you for these services when you need them, reducing your costs even further.

1Stream has a transparent pricing structure that charges a single price per agent, per month, per use.  

There are no annual licence fees, no upgrade fees and no extra support or maintenance fees, so you know exactly how much you need to pay for your cloud-based contact centre solutions.

“This also makes the system extremely scalable, and you’ll never have to pay for an empty seat or unused technology again,” says von Maltitz.

“It’s not a matter of if but when for contact centres to move to the cloud, and with many legacy systems reaching their end of life, the time is now for businesses to make the move,” concludes von Maltitz.

To make the choice even easier, 1Stream is offering 3 months free with every 12-month contract, and free installation will be included until the end of July.

To find out more and to take advantage of this special, visit the 1Stream website or call them on 087 351 5253.

This article was published in partnership with 1Stream.

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Cut your contact centre costs by up to 40% with 1Stream’s special offer