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Tips to avoid becoming a Ransomware victim

Companies are still reeling and trying to manage the damage caused by the world’s biggest cyber-attack appropriately named WannaCry (or WannaCrypt).

Unfortunately, with Ransomware, once your files are infected, there is not much you can do to reverse this besides paying up – which often isn’t effective anyway.

The reality of ransomware is that it damages or destroys computer files, causing loss of business for organisations whilst compromising their information systems.

For this reason, users should employ certain measures to ensure a higher level of defence against these plagues.

As in many cases, with Ransomware, prevention is always better than cure.

So, with that in mind, you will need to know what steps can you take to avoid becoming a ransomware victim.

There are many layers of cyber security measures you can implement that will help to make an attack harder and reduce its impact that are fundamental to protect yourself and your data.

A key recommendation is to backup all your data whether it’s offline or in the cloud.

Some other security measures include the following:

  • Use your firewall
  • Filter your emails
  • Run your anti-virus
  • Patch your system regularly
  • Minimise the use of privileged accounts
  • Do your backups, properly
  • Manage Network Share abilities
  • Beef up your browsers
  • Manage your application paths

Ransomware is today’s number one cyber peril due to the damage it causes and the prevalence factor, which is why the countermeasures above are imperative.

If you don’t use or apply them, most of your important files could be completely lost.

Thwarting the virus attack before it happens can save you a lot of money and assure you peace of mind.

If you require any help applying the security measures mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] or 011 081 9888.

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Tips to avoid becoming a Ransomware victim