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Contact centre legacy systems tripping you up? Check out 1Stream’s special offer

If your call centre technology has reached its end of life or it’s just too expensive to maintain, it is time to migrate to the cloud.

Historically, many businesses would keep departments in-house, but the development of cloud contact centres has changed this, making it easier and more affordable to run an efficient call centre that adds real value to a business.

“While companies used to view outsourced services as being difficult to manage and expensive, our cloud-based call centre solutions have proven to be far less risky and more cost effective than managing legacy systems,” says Jed Hewson, 1Stream director.

“With a cloud-based system, you get all the benefits of owning your own equipment without the cost and administrative issues associated with it.”

With a cloud-based system, you can rely on the provider’s demonstrated performance and can switch components on and off as you need them.

1Stream, for example, was ‘born in the cloud’ 10 years ago and has been dealing exclusively with cloud based solutions, so it has a proven track record and a growing customer base.

The cost of managing an on-premise system is especially important for call centres with less than 100 agents.

“You need someone to sit onsite who has very specialised technical skill, which can be expensive, hard to find, and challenging to retain,” Hewson adds.

“Specialist companies, such as 1Stream, have the skilled resources necessary to do the job effectively, allowing you to focus on your core competencies instead.”

Technology is constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, and many cloud-based solutions offer the best skills and the latest technology.

“IT and call centres are measured on stabilities, and you need things to be running 99.9% of the time,” explains Hewson.

“The advantage of cloud-based systems is that you get to ‘try before you buy’ and if it doesn’t work for you then you just switch it off.”

1Stream is one of the most experienced cloud contact centre service providers in Africa, offering complete administrative as well as technical services.

These solutions dramatically reduce infrastructure and operational costs, reducing complexity, allowing the organisation to focus on their core business.

1Stream is offering a special where you can get free support and 3 months free with a 12-month contract, and free installation will be included until the end of July.

Your existing legacy systems can also be integrated with the cloud call centre technology, allowing you the space to shift seamlessly and benefit from the new technology.

To find out how 1Stream can help your call centre to thrive and improve your customers’ experience, visit the 1Stream website or call them on 087 351 5253.

This article was published in partnership with 1Stream.

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Contact centre legacy systems tripping you up? Check out 1Stream’s special offer