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Get your payroll right and retain your employees

Employees quite rightly, and perfectly reasonably, expect to be paid accurately, on time, every time, so you need to get the basics right – including payroll.

According to Sage research, 35% of workers would look for a new job if their employer paid them incorrectly just once. Just once.

A further 51% would lose trust in their employer and half would positively resent them.

This puts a tremendous weight of responsibility on the shoulders of everyone who works in payroll.

Not only are you delivering pay and rewards to your employees, but you’re ensuring confidence in the business which employs them.

“Payroll can be impacted by many factors, and staying abreast of changes, both internal and external, is a daily challenge,” says Caroline Scott, EVP of Organisational Design & HR Services, Sage.

It means saying on top of salaries, taxes, benefits, working hours, contracts, personal data, holidays, sickness and more.

Additionally, a myriad of tax and legislative changes in any given year each initiate a new requirement on payroll professionals and their teams.

“Critically, each change that might pass unaccounted for presents an opportunity for error,” explains Scott.

“As business leaders, we can be sure that change will come – it’s how we handle the change that makes the difference between a disengaged workforce and a happy, confident, productive one.

To address this, Scott proposes the HR and Payroll Change Challenge, which can be downloaded from the Sage website.

The challenge has been designed to equip you with the support, ideas and strategy to minimise risk, empower your HR and payroll colleagues, and foster an increased focus on delivering the best employee experience you can.

“When change is constant, it’s important not to let pressure get the better of your teams as they try to keep up,” adds Scott.

“True, that’s easier said than done, but use the above as a starting point and your strategy to meet the change challenge will come.”

Whatever your HR and Payroll challenge, Sage can give you the support that helps your team and your business go from success to success.

Visit the Sage website to discover how Sage HR & Payroll solutions can help you get it right.

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Get your payroll right and retain your employees