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Outsource your payroll – save time and money

Avoid the headaches, and let the professionals at Sage take care of your payroll – freeing you up to do what you do best – run your business.

Sage strives to assist clients in managing their employees and the costs associated with employees more efficiently by providing timeous and accurate output and reporting.

Sage’s payroll outsourcing solution offers you peace of mind while you stay focused on your core business.

In addition to accurate payroll processing compliant with current legislation, Sage further enhances your business through value added outsourcing services.

Sage Payroll Outsourcing Service’s key features include:

  • Preparation of your electronic tax certificates – Your payroll is meticulously checked by Sage’s payroll experts before you get it to review, and Sage will also prepare your IRP5 and IT3 certificates.
  • Making sure SARS submission go smoothly – Sage will prepare and review the [email protected] import file for mid- and end-of-tax-year processes, maintaining comprehensive notes of the full payroll process to ensure that your payroll is always processed even when key personnel are absent.
  • Your software is always updated and compliant – Sage will make sure your data is always backed up and there is a disaster recovery plan in place. Its continuity structure ensures that a second account manager is always aware of your setup and details should the designated manager be unavailable.

This offers you a standardised, more efficient approach to a service that is accountable allows you to focus on your core business.

You gain the ability to leverage best practice methodologies with access to specialised skills that are difficult and costly to maintain yourself.

Sage will provide the necessary systems, processes and knowledge to deliver error free, on time and compliant payroll services to you.

The triad benefits of payroll expertise, robust software and secure hosting make outsourcing a strategic advantage.

Sage Payroll Outsourcing Service has been looking after more than 250 payrolls since 2002 and processes the salaries of around 130,000 employees annually.

For more information about outsourcing your payroll, visit the Sage website.

This article was published in partnership with Sage.

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Outsource your payroll – save time and money