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Showmax brings Class – BBC’s new Doctor Who spin-off – to South Africa

Showmax has announced its broadcasting of the new British drama series called Class – the newest spin-off for the cult classic sci-fi series Doctor Who.

Doctor Who has finally tapped into the remaining market segment, teens, for its final spin-off after the first two spin-offs.

Torchwood launched in 2006 and was the adult-oriented sci-fi series, after which The Sarah Jane Adventures came, a more light-hearted genre series geared toward kids.

Now comes Class, centred around high school students tasked by the Doctor to save the planet.

As there has been before in the “Whoniverse”, a rip in the fabric of space-time has threatened the good people of Earth (and the bad ones too) with perils from beyond this plane.

This breach appears at the Coal Hill Academy in contemporary London that has been a feature of Doctor Who since the first episode, but now we get to see the day-to-day adventures of the students charged with protecting their school from galactic threats when the Doctor isn’t around to save the day.

The show stars Katherine Kelly who plays Andra’ath, the last of the Quill alien species, passing as Miss Quill the Physics teacher.

Miss Quill is telepathically enslaved as a bodyguard to her sworn enemy the Rhodian Prince, played by Greg Austin, who hides out as a student.

Sophie Hopkins stars as the musical nice girl who is “tougher than they think,” alongside Vivian Oparah who plays a 14-year-old prodigy.

Yet, despite its school setting, Class is decidedly not a series for kids.

The sci-fi adventure show often relies on gore to drill home the high-stake threats its teenage protagonists are dealing with.

For the Whovians there are little nods of references throughout that link it to the Doctor Who universe for those full-on Whovians.

However, whether you are a full-on Whovian, have only heard of it or have never heard of it, you’ll be able to enjoy Class regardless.

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Showmax brings Class – BBC’s new Doctor Who spin-off – to South Africa