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Discover how SITA is digitising government services

Join SITA for a day of collaboration and innovative solution thinking from the 19-20 July at The Royal Elephant Hotel in Johannesburg.

The ability and ease to access government services for enhanced participation both by the citizens and the civil society in general is a central ideology of any democracy.

The government e-Strategy envisions the development of an inclusive society and knowledge economy that is based on the needs of the citizens, business and the public sector, providing a wide range of services required for effective economic and social participation.

A digital government will result in government processes that are more efficient, strengthen public service delivery and enhance participation by citizens in governance.

SITA seeks to establish and expose the e-Government platform to a variety of government departments.

SITA is providing organizational support for the network and information infrastructure and also sits at the fore front of consolidating and planning across government to save costs.

e-Government is key to providing the single view of the citizens through the establishment of Government Data Exchange to serve as a clearing house for citizen information.

The e-Government platform will enable the process of collective data build through enablement of various services via the ability to create a single, national view of people, and the services that support them becoming a possibility.

The benefit of this is that services become attractive to the public, and private sector which allows broader scope and access to data to better unite South Africa, making great decision-making business as usual for South Africa’s state organs.

To understand the South African context, SITA will be hosting an e-Government industry engagement.

At this event, SITA will be collaborating with the broader ICT industry, academia, and the Government users of IT systems to share strategic, tactical, operational, policy/regulatory, human and financial resource ideas, concepts and solutions.

Based on the engagement, there will be further updates to and consolidation of SITA’s implementation approach to enabling e-Government.

Register to attend and join SITA from the 19-20 July at The Royal Elephant Hotel.

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Discover how SITA is digitising government services