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Think outside the box to save time and money with Microsoft ESD Software

Rectron recommends Microsoft Software.

Get your Microsoft products delivered to you electronically in a matter of minutes to equip your device with what it needs to get the job done.

ESD is the smart, easy and fast way to get the software you need online, offering a secure and instant delivery of software product keys directly to your device.

With Microsoft’s ESD, you will receive a product key on your PC and will be able to download the software you need without having to travel to a store or wait for a physical product to be delivered.

From Windows 10 Pro and Home and Office suite, ESD has you covered, and Implement API integration with Rectron allows you to process orders automatically.

Companies succeeding at digital transformation are engaging their customers, empowering their employees, optimising their business and transforming their products.

ESD is an important element of this, ensuring companies remain relevant and can continue to grow through online capabilities.

By providing a means for resellers to supply software to end-users electronically, Microsoft is also helping resellers avoid the costs associated with the sale of physical goods.

This negates the need to pay for floor or shelf space in stores, as well as drastically reducing the administration costs and physical activities that come from handling those goods.

It also solves the problem of old stock sitting on shelves with no customers to buy them, as only the latest – and most in-demand – products are available for sale via ESD.

Many devices also no longer have an optical drive to be able to download software from a DVD, and there is little point in having a box on the shelf when the only valuable component is the product key.

With ESD, the buying process is much simpler for the consumer, all they would need to do is visit the online storefront, log in with their account information, make their purchase, and wait for an email containing the relevant information about their purchase to hit their inboxes.

From there it’s a simple matter of downloading the software from Microsoft’s servers and entering their new product key when requested.

Partners who have implemented API integration and started ESD sales have acquired leading places in electronic software sales and continue to grow revenue rapidly.

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Think outside the box to save time and money with Microsoft ESD Software