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Boost your call centre excellence with 1Stream’s integration

Without computer telephony integration (CTI), your call centre agents simply don’t know enough about your clients to be truly productive.

In the era of ‘big data’, customers expect that the brands they deal with will know them, and they expect personalised experiences.

“More than ever, companies and call centres need to give better service, and to do this, they need to know who their customers are,” Jed Hewson, 1Stream director.

Too often, contact centre agents waste valuable time trying to identify the customer, deal with a slow system, and search for previous tickets to gain context for the call.

Instead, Hewson presents a scenario in which a call centre agent answers the call by saying, “Hello Mr. Jones, are you calling about your new printer?”

This is only possible if the call centre agents have all the necessary information available, including the customer’s details, calling history, recent purchases and previous tickets.

“Essentially, it is about providing a 360-degree view of your customer, and to do this, you need the back-end CRM and ticketing systems to talk to each other.”

This significantly reduces handle time as agents don’t have to dig through multiple databases and business tools to find the caller’s information.

Integration also boosts agent productivity and effectiveness by allowing them to make and receive calls within your CRM or ticketing system without having to waste time punching a number into a telephone.

“Your agents make up 70% of the cost of the contact centre, so you need them to be efficient and productive – and you also need to be able to measure their performance,” Hewson adds.

Integration allows for real-time ticket routing so that managers can gain a comprehensive understanding of the performance of their team and make data-driven decisions accordingly.

Armed with this data, managers can cultivate a more effective workforce of call centre agents, which can result in higher customer satisfaction ratings.

“In the end, it’s about looking after your customer, and to do this, you need to understand who they are and get an idea of their call and purchase history,” Hewson says.

“This makes for a different customer experience because the agents know who the caller is and care enough to keep track of previous tickets.

With integration, your employees will thank you for making their job easier, and in turn, your customers will be thanking you for offering a pleasant, results-driven experience.”

1Stream’s cloud based integration solution plugs into all major CRM and ticketing systems, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Zendesk out of the box.

“We offer a range of integration options, with some that are out of the box and some that are customised for specific business requirements,” Hewson explains.

Features include:

  • Pre-built integrations
  • Complete SDK for other integration
  • Create screen pops in minutes
  • Click to dial
  • Auto populate contact information
  • Advanced call routing

1Stream has implemented numerous integrations for customers in a variety of industries and the company’s extensive experience means you’ve got the expertise of our professional services team, to accomplish your integration in weeks – not months.

“In the past, this type of system would be expensive to implement with long development times, and so you’d be locked into these systems for at least five years,” Hewson adds.

“Cloud systems, however, are designed to communicate with other systems using modern languages and APIs, and there is no lock in.

“Your existing legacy systems can also be integrated with the cloud call centre technology, giving you the space to shift seamlessly and benefit from the new technology.”

To make the move even easier, 1Stream is offering a special where you can get free support and 3 months free with a 12-month contract, and free installation will be included until the end of July.

To apply to get 3 months free on a 1-year contract, visit the 1Stream website.

This article was published in partnership with 1Stream.

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Boost your call centre excellence with 1Stream’s integration