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10 things you should know about the new Nissan Navara

The all-new Nissan Navara merges the rugged strength of a bakkie with the comfort of a luxury SUV, to create a new kind of beast that’s the best of both worlds.

With a groundbreaking 5-link coil rear suspension system, the Navara redefines ride comfort and handling both on- and off-road.

A powerful twin-turbo diesel engine, pushing out 140kW and 450Nm of torque, coupled with the smoothness of an optional 7-speed automatic transmission, redefines the drivetrain for a more efficient and responsive drive.

Here are ten more things you should know about the Nissan Navara:

1. It’s still going strong – after 80 years

Tough, agile and stylish, the Nissan NAVARA is the latest in a long line of Nissan bakkies, with the first produced in 1935.

Along the way Nissan pioneered the KingKab in 1977, the innovative Utili-track tie down system in 2005, and now a leader in the use of a coil-spring rear suspension on a 1-ton bakkie.

14 million Nissan bakkie owners are blazing trails in 180 countries around the world, and its proud legacy of reliability and innovation continues today.

2. It offers exceptional fuel efficiency

The Nissan Navara shows how power, acceleration and fuel efficiency can not only coexist but thrive.

Powered by an advanced twin-turbo diesel engine with a wide torque curve, the small turbo gets you moving at low engine speeds while the larger one delivers linear, constant power for longer.

Class-leading fuel efficiency is achieved by using low friction components, reduced mass, wide range gear transmissions and enhanced aerodynamics.

3. It’s the first to offer 5-link rear coil suspension

The Nissan Navara is the first mainstream bakkie with a rear coil suspension similar to large SUVs.

The heavy duty 5-link coil rear spring suspension versus the traditional rear leaf suspension offers exceptional comfort absorbing the bumps on and off-road.

In addition, the high lateral rigidity with springs, stabiliser and dampers tuned for optimum performance improves steering properties for superior handling and cornering ability on gravel and tar.

4. Nissan’s innovative Utili-track system will lock in your load

The Nissan NAVARA is engineered to handle tough jobs and heavy payloads for work or play, and a lighter tailgate makes loading and unloading simple.

Ideal for securing any load, the innovative Utili-track tie down system consists of two channels, running the length of the bakkie bed walls.

Heavy duty moveable cleats can be locked anywhere in special tie down points so you can position your load safely, securely and with ease.

5. It’s rock solid from the ground up

With a full-length, fully boxed ladder frame, the Nissan Navara has proven to be one of the toughest bakkies on the road.

The full-length, fully boxed ladder frame is built with super-high-tensile-strength steel in strategic areas for enhanced structural rigidity.

Stronger than conventional steel for increased torsional stiffness, it helps deliver awe-inspiring performance, on- and off-road.

6. It’s rugged, but still premium

The bold exterior design, sleek aerodynamic shape and distinctive LED lighting of the all-new Navara produce a striking visual impression, raising the bar for style in the bakkie segment.

The Nissan Navara comes equipped with forward-hinged doors that offer easy entry into the comfortable, sedan-like rear seating.

Once inside, driver and passengers will be impressed by the ample head and leg room.

Convenient storage and cup holders, multiple 12-volt power outlets and modern entertainment options make the journey as much fun as the destination.

7. It’s built for adventure

Whether it’s the depths of the bush or the concrete jungle, the Nissan Navara is always in its element and geared for any type of adventure.

With an exceptional 33-degree approach angle, a 27.9-degree departure angle and all components tucked up under the frame for an increased ground clearance of 226 mm, the Navara easily conquers any terrain.

You can also easily select the best driving mode by turning a knob, and the shift-on-the-fly 4WD system allows you to shift from 2WD to 4H while driving up to 100km per hour.

8. Navigation system comes standard

The New Navara comes equipped with an audio system that features RDS, USB functionality, Bluetooth with audio streaming, all as standard.

The system also features a reverse camera and navigation system with 3D mapping and live traffic updates – all easily accessible from your steering wheel.

Navigation system comes standard on all new Navara models.

9. Everything you need is right in front of you

The Nissan NAVARA Advanced DriveAssist Display (ADAD) serves up all the driving information you need in one place.

From fuel economy to song tracks, the intuitive 3D depth and tilt design lets you take it all in at a glance.

All controls are also in exactly the right spot for quick mastery of your environment.

The sporty, leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio controls lets you operate cruise control and the audio system while your hands stay right where they should, and the Bluetooth hands free phone system lets you make and take calls with ease.

10. Drive in safety and with confidence

The Nissan Safety Shield is a comprehensive approach to safety that guides the engineering and development of every vehicle Nissan makes.

Traction Control System (TCS) helps you keep a better grip on the road, sensing when a drive wheel starts to slip and reducing engine power or applies brake pressure to help restore traction.

Nissan’s Zone Body Concept helps absorb the impact and protect the passenger compartment during a collision.

It features a high-intensity cabin structure with crossmembers and reinforcements, front and rear crumple zones, and an energy absorbing steering column.

Nissan Finance, in partnership with Wesbank, provides you with expertise to assist you with all your finance and insurance needs.

And as part of the Nissan family, you’re guaranteed Nissan’s commitment to customer care – a lasting bond between you, your vehicle and the Nissan brand – through Nissan Assured.

For more information, visit the Nissan website.

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10 things you should know about the new Nissan Navara