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Build up your own business – become a Nerd

Founded in 1995, Nerds On Site has been ‘delivering peace of mind’ as a trusted technology partner to SME clients across the world.

Nerds On Site is a loyal team of globally recognized technology partners and dependable one-stop-shop IT support.

As a Nerd, you have the freedom to run your own business, all while leveraging the power and support of a globally recognized brand and team.

Nerds around the globe have access to best-in-class solutions and partnerships, and the freedom to work with each client to find the best mix of solutions.

Build stronger relationships with clients, source external Nerd support when you need it, and take ownership and pride in the service you deliver.

At the same time, Nerds On Site provides the support you need to grow your business larger and stronger than individually possible.

Leverage the resources and experience of the Nerd network and the power of the globally recognized Nerds On Site brand.

Nerds On Site provides different opportunities that make the best use of various skills, including sales and customer service, pure IT expertise, or a mix of both.

Pursue your passion for technology and all that it can do for individuals and companies, while building and owning your business and future in the process.

Kickstart your future by joining Nerds On Site today.

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Build up your own business – become a Nerd