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How Sintrex help the WC Government improve efficiencies

When the Western Cape Government (WCG) identified the need to improve its business productivity, it approached Sintrex for tailored solutions. WCG required IT infrastructure management services to provide reliable benchmark measurements and greater visibility of its IT.

With ICT becoming an integral part of the business and fundamental in supporting, sustaining and growing public service, the Ce-I was under pressure to improve the overall effectiveness, efficiency and accountability of IT across the 13 provincial departments.

The immediate requirement was to improve the stability, reliability and availability of the IT infrastructure and application services, but in the longer term to constantly improve performance levels, management of the IT investment and overall IT maturity.

Sintrex is able to offer superior IT provisioning through a continuous monitoring and measurement solution that provides insight into all areas of WCG’s IT services and infrastructure.  Sintrex proposed an integrated, standards based, enterprise management solution and services.

Key Sintrex services utilised for the WCG project:

  • Sintrex Infrastructure Management, which allows clients to become a long-term partner in the accurate and efficient management of their IT infrastructure.
  • Sintrex Application Management, which strives to proactively detect and diagnose application performance problems to maintain a superior level of service for the business by monitoring and managing the performance and availability of software applications.
  • Sintrex Asset Management, which delivers real-time information on all assets throughout a client’s IT Infrastructure to ensure the business is operating at maximum efficiency.

Sintrex implemented the above services to measure SLAs, view traffic flows, manage incidents and problems, provide baseline measurements for planning and continuous operational improvement, establish sound configuration management and change control, manage third party service providers, etc.

As a result, high level dashboard views were delivered to different stake-holders in WCG.

In the process, an operational ‘nerve centre’ was established to handle queries and quickly react to any eventuality with speed and efficiency.

In so doing, IT and business alignment improved dramatically, affecting increased IT maturity levels.

By listening to and adapting services to each client’s unique needs, Sintrex offers a complete end-to-end service.

This results in a comprehensive IT management solution designed to enhance the customers’ experience of their IT.

For more information about how Sintrex can help your business, visit the Sintrex website.

This article was published in partnership with Sintrex.

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How Sintrex help the WC Government improve efficiencies