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Cryptocurrencies – The new money

Cryptocurrencies in South Africa like Bitcoin have become the social buzzword.

Many people have heard of the hype and profits of the early adopters who bought Bitcoins at R60 or less and then sold, making huge gains, while some others continue to hold on for better days.

The stories of millionaires being made overnight by investing a couple of thousand Rand at the right time are not unfounded.

I personally know of a few.

Having been involved in the crypto industry for just over two years I have witnessed the price of Bitcoin and other currencies like Ethereum and Litecoin skyrocket over 600 % worldwide.

I can still remember purchasing my first Bitcoin through Altcoin Trader, nervously adopting the technology after careful and tedious research.

I now often speak to people who feel that they have missed the bus and Bitcoin’s price is way out of their league.

This could not be further from the truth as the crypto industry as a whole is very immature and the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are considered very low at the moment, coupled with the fact that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be acquired in smaller increments like Rand’s and Cents.

Investors who don’t understand the crypto space or the underlying technology, that is about to revolutionize everything we know about money and store of value, are skeptical and cynical at best.

The reality is they would rather invest with their FSB approved investment company who will sell you their approved products that pay out the investment companies and brokers massive sums of your money and offer poor returns after they have tied up your depreciating capital for years.

The good news is that this perception is slowly changing, investors are starting to realize that they can control their own wealth in a new and exciting way with cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies offer an alternative to traditional institutions like banks and financial planners, ultimately placing you in control.

Acquiring Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies could not be easier.

Cryptocurrency exchanges offer simple and accessible ways for people to acquire or sell crypto assets.

Exchanges like Altcoin Trader are leading the crypto market in South Africa by offering its clients no less than eight cryptocurrencies to choose from.

People can now join the crypto revolution and acquire Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin, to name a few, within a few minutes of signing up at

Altcoin Trader was the only Crypto Exchange in South Africa who recently created a massive amount of wealth for its clients by providing access to their Bitcoin Cash (recently forked from Bitcoin) in a timeous manner which enabled its clients to trade the coin immediately on Altcoin’s platform and benefit from the fork.

Cryptocurrencies are set to take the world by storm and the next millionaires are about to be born.

The race is no longer to the swift and elite, now everybody has equal opportunity to partake.

Article by Frank Leonette.

This article was published in partnership with Altcoin Trader.

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Cryptocurrencies – The new money