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Improve your call centre efficiency with 1Stream’s unique Zendesk integration

Ticketing systems, such as Zendesk, have helped to significantly improve call centre efficiency, and 1Streams integration service boosts this even further.

1Stream has a unique ticketing integration system that pushes tickets to call centre agents and allows you to generate richer reports.

As a ticketing system, Zendesk takes the incoming customer requests for support and automatically generates a customer service ticket, which agents are then able to pick up.

1Streams system, however, pushes tickets to agents as they become available, helping them to more quickly and effectively deal with customer requests.

Were the first company in the world to offer something like this, says 1Stream director Bruce von Maltitz.

1Steams system keeps a record of how many tickets each agent processed, how long each ticket took to complete, and whether any tickets were deleted.

The larger your call centre, the bigger the difference that pushing tickets to available agents will make, explains von Maltitz.

Increasing productivity by even a small amount can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Its also important that the contact centre staff and the sales team are on the same page, and Zendesk integration will give you the clear picture you need.

There is a lot of valuable information sitting in various systems within the customer service areas of your business, and what is needed is a consolidated view of what is going on, adds 1Stream director Jed Hewson.

In the past, integration meant integrating client systems, on-premise PBX, and CRM systems, but this was expensive, time-consuming, and required technical expertise.

Businesses aimed to give their agents richer information about the customer, integrating multiple channels such as calls, email, and SMS, while also monitoring the productivity of their agents.

Ticketing systems, such as Zendesk, helped to solve this problem by taking inbound email requests from customers and generating a queue of work.

The problem is that you can end up with two sets of reporting, and 1Stream consolidates this to make it much easier to track how well an agent is doing, says Hewson.

We route the tickets through our system to available agents and report on the productivity of the agents, how long tickets were in the queue, how it was handled, what the outcome was, and so forth.

You get a proper 360-degree view of the performance of your agents and the call centre.

1Stream is offering its special to give you free support and 3 months free with a 12-month contract.

To find out how 1Stream can help your call centre to thrive and improve your customers experience, visit the 1Stream website or call them on 087 351 5253.

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Improve your call centre efficiency with 1Stream’s unique Zendesk integration