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Host Africa introduces South African based cloud backup

Host Africa has released a new Cloud based backup solution based on enterprise grade backup software.

This makes Host Africa one of the first South African hosting providers that offers a Cloud Based Enterprise Grade Backup solution.

Be protected from ransomware

Due to the fact that all the backups are essentially time-based snapshots, users can recover from Ransomware attacks or accidental data deletion as they can then choose the last known good copy to restore their data.

Users can flexibly setup backup schedules and restore points.

With an intuitive user-friendly interface, the solution is suited for business of all sizes.

Data loss will no longer be a risk. Restores can be done granularly at either file or image level.

This allows you to back up a whole PC or Server and do a Bare Metal Restore to a new machine in case of hardware failure.

Backups are scheduled to run at a time and speed set by the user, thus enabling full control over network usage and possible congestion.

PC, Server, Virtual Machine backups

The solution is available as a standalone package for Office365 Backup, PC Backup, Virtual Machines or Servers.

Backups range from Full Image Backups through to File Based Backups.

What makes the Host Africa Online Backup so attractive is that only the first backup is a full backup. Future backups are subsequently incremental backups, thus only backing up data which has changed.

This saves a large amount of bandwidth – one of the major obstacles of Cloud backups solutions in South Africa.

Be secure – Fully redundant and encrypted

All data is stored in a high-redundancy environment and data is secured by encryption.

The end user can also specify additional encryption using a unique key to which only the user has access.

Backup plans start from R249 for single PC up to R1299 for full server backups including SQL databases.

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Host Africa introduces South African based cloud backup