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Sell or trade-in: What do I do?

We all change cars – even Knight Rider lost KITT eventually. But, even after you’ve kissed that bonnet bye-bye forever, there’s another difficult process to go through: choosing the best way to sell your second-hand car.

Let’s not kid ourselves here: all that matters when selling your old memory-mobile is getting the most cash.

But both the traditional ways of selling a used car – trading it in at a dealership or selling it to a private car buyer – have different elements you should consider before making your decision.

Many people swear by trade-ins: “I’m going to need a new car anyway,” they say, “and that discount the dealership is offering on a new car looks really good”.

And it does look good – on paper.

In reality, the dealer will make a substantial profit on the newer, more expensive car you’ll be buying. In order to entice you into buying your new car from them, a dealer will reduce their profit and allocate this amount to their offer for your trade-in, creating the false impression that you’re getting a great deal on the trade-in.

It may also be difficult to find a dealer who has the car that you want and is also willing to offer you a good price on your trade-in.

Selling your car privately must be the better option, right?

Well, not exactly. Selling to a private car buyer can result in a higher selling price, but it also has some unavoidable disadvantages.

I’m sure we’ve all sold something online, using Gumtree or OLX, and we’ve all probably experienced the same thing: meeting complete strangers in dodgy places, or seemingly-nice guys who convince us to sell to them and not the next guy in line, only to drop out at the last second.

Unfortunately, these all-too-often occurrences are just as likely when selling your second-hand car to a private buyer.

A high car resale value only matters if you can actually find a buyer: some buyers may refuse to pay retail price when purchasing a car privately, and would rather pay a premium price to purchase it in a safe environment like a dealership.

So what’s the right way to go?

The answer is simple: use an online car buying service, like CarZar.

CarZar is an online car buyer offering South Africans a convenient, seamless and safe way to sell their vehicles. CarZar’s unique algorithm uses current market trends and historical data to generate a free quote for your car in seconds.

Then all you have to do is book an inspection at one of their Car Buying Centres.

The inspection takes about 30 minutes, after which they’ll make you a final cash offer.

If you accept, they’ll take care of the paperwork and make an instant payment into your account.

After that, you can use the cash for whatever you want, including negotiating a better discount when buying a new car from a dealer than you would get if you traded your car in.

Paying with cash also gives you more freedom when choosing your new purchase – pick whichever dealership offers you the best deal for the the car you’re looking for!

Visit to receive a free quote online in seconds!

This article was published in partnership with CarZar.

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Sell or trade-in: What do I do?