Try 1Stream’s cloud-based call centre tech – Get 3 months free

Organisations are increasingly moving key components of the day-to-day functionality of their businesses to the cloud.

There are undoubtedly many benefits of migrating your contact centre to the cloud, such as the benefits of owning your own equipment without the cost or administration issues.

You also gain access to a complete system management, proactive monitoring, and the services of certified engineers that would otherwise be difficult to come by and costly to afford.

Nevertheless, migration to the cloud may seem daunting and costly, and you may have concerns about whether or not it will truly benefit your business.

Get 3 months free to try 1Stream’s cloud technology

For this reason, 1Stream is offering businesses 3 months free with free installation (included until the end of September) on each new 1-year contract.

This is to allow you to experience the difference of a cloud-based call centre without costing you a fortune. In fact, you could cut your contact centre costs by up to 40%.

“Often, businesses don’t understand the costing models and think that managing legacy systems in-house will be cheaper, but when you consider all the cost implications, a cloud-based system is far cheaper,” says 1Stream director Bruce von Maltitz.

1Stream has a transparent pricing structure that charges a single price per agent, per month, per use, making the system extremely scalable.

There are no annual licence fees, no upgrade fees and no extra support or maintenance fees, so you know exactly how much you need to pay for your cloud-based contact centre solutions.

1Stream also offers ongoing support and consulting services to help clients extract maximum value from their technology services.

“Another advantage of cloud-based systems is that you get to test the system and switch it off if it is not working for you without the huge upfront investment required for in-house infrastructure,” adds von Maltitz.

Your existing legacy systems can be integrated with the cloud call centre technology making the shift to cloud seamless while allowing you to benefit from the new technology.

The tech that sets 1Stream apart

1Stream is an African partner for Collab, with a large instance of technology being installed in South Africa.

“Like 1Stream, Collab was born in the cloud, which means their architecture was built from the ground up to be cloud-based, rather than merely trying to adapt to the new cloud trend,” explains von Maltitz.

Collab’s OneContact product is a multichannel and intuitive all-in-one cloud contact centre management platform, designed to respond to the modern-day challenges of companies.

OneContact allows you to manage multiple communication channels in a single interface, providing a contextualised and personalised customer experience in all touch points.

It offers inbound, outbound, IVR, recording, intelligent routing, quality monitoring, e-Learning, gamification, and real-time reporting.

“OneContact allows our platform to integrate seamlessly into the client’s existing applications. It has existing integration with popular applications, like Zendesk and Salesforce,” concludes von Maltitz.

“And with 1Stream, installation and integration now only takes a few weeks, not several months like in-house systems often take.”

To find out more and to take advantage of 1Stream’s special offer, visit their website or call them on 087 351 5253.

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Try 1Stream’s cloud-based call centre tech – Get 3 months free